July – August 2018

Hull Guildhall picture from City site

Hull Guildhall picture from City site


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1 Hull rejects fluoridation. Yorkshire Post report, with  letter and comments,.

2 Darlington: More with reporting from the Echo

3 Fluoride: BBC regional TV and Radio 4: links and comments

4 Death of Arvid Carlsson

5  FAN article on Bashash et al with list of 53 studies and findings.

6 U.S. Regional news: Charlotte; Meeting in Potsdam

7 Canada: Essex, Ontario councillors have said no

 8 Australia Oberon NSW: News and Last Words in Oberon Review

9 New Zealand   Details of a new campaign called Rethink Fluoride

10 A ‘team of international experts’ coming to New Zealand.

11 Ghana conrol of natural fluoride

12 Up- Market commercial report



Hull rejects fluoridation

A very welcome report in the Yorkshire Post,  that  printed a letter from Ann Willis, who did not have to live locally. Both the news and the letter were open up to comments, and contributions were from representatives of three UK  anti- fluoride organisations, with  long lengths of  ignorant, arrogant and aggressive  comments from three well known US fluoridation promoters.  For this month, try the correspondence link below the following article; for more of the correspondence,  contact SWIS for everything.

July 31st Yorkshire Post

Controversial plans to add fluoride to the water supply of more than 340,000 people in Hull and the East Riding to address some of the worst rates of tooth decay in the country “will not happen”, according to a councillor. The proposals – which had the backing of former Health Secretary and Hull MP Alan Johnson and the British Dental Association – were mooted more than three years ago.

It was championed as the best way of tackling poor dental health by the former chairman of the health and wellbeing board Coun. Colin Inglis, who retired this year, but was opposed by campaigners, the Lib Dem opposition and some Labour councillors. Yorkshire Water is carrying out a £68,000 feasibility study, but Cabinet member Phil Webster said he would not countenance the spending of “one more penny on this foolhardy scheme” and there was “no appetite for it whatsoever.”

He said it was “too expensive, undemocratic and unproven,” adding: “I’ve always said I think it is forced medication by the State. To quote Monty Python the scheme is no more. I am in charge of finance and I can confidently say it won’t be happening.”

New health and wellbeing chairwoman Coun Hester Bridges said fluoridation was “unlikely,” given the lack of “overwhelming” evidence and “massive” opposition. They also have to get East Riding Council to agree, as 87,000 residents would also get added fluoride. She said: “If there was a groundswell of people demanding fluoride I think we would be giving it more consideration – but there isn’t. People are saying very clearly they want (to make) that choice.”


The BBC both TV and radio have been clearly under the influence of the fluoride promoting camp or the scientist

The last in the series of Sunday  Politics TV programme on BBC North East  and Cumbria may still be on i-player, It’s on the last 30 minutes of the programme. Mike Watson, as a local activist had been interviewed at some length , then was heard  saying  a few words about fluoridated milk  … Dreadful bias, with two MPs. Would anyone else like to see the 8 minute morning session between a dentist in Birmingham and SWIS?

From Hull to County Durham, the proponents have not yet been stopped. Darlington is being included, although it is not part of the same system for water provision.  Action is now under way. At last, the Echo is reporting fairly and naming Joy, who had traveled from Coventry and local activist Alan.



County Durham proposal challenged


3rd July Northern Echo

BATTLE lines have been drawn over the possible introduction of fluoride to the public water supply, with campaigners claiming to do so would violate human rights and “poison” residents.

As Darlington Borough Council’s children and young people’s scrutiny committee voted to recommend the authority launches a technical appraisal to consider a water fluoridation scheme either in Darlington or across the Tees Valley, members were told scientists remained divided on its safety.

Joy Warren, of the UK Freedom from Fluoride Alliance, called on the council to pause its exploration of water fluoridation to thoroughly examine the evidence. She said there were more than 50 reports worldwide showing unborn children’s intelligence was reduced by the presence of fluoride in the womb.

Darlington resident Alan Hall added fluoride’s toxicity rating was between lead and arsenic and therefore was a “poison”.

He said: “Mass medication is a violation of human rights. Why fluoridate an entire population compulsorily when it is possible to reduce dental decay by properly targeted interventions, which work at the individual level, as indeed obesity programmes work?”

The committee was also shown photographs of children with dental fluorosis, and told fluoride did wider damage to the body.

Members said they had seen widespread dental decay in the town and some type of action was needed.

David Lands, a Public Health England consultant, said water containing fluoride had been drunk for 173 years in Hartlepool and for almost 50 years in other parts of the North-East and fluorosis had not been raised as an issue by medics.

He said: “There is very clear evidence of fluoride reducing dental disease and if look at the latest statistics the lowest levels of dental disease in the North-East are in fluoridated areas. Middlesbrough has almost twice the level of dental disease than Hartlepool.”

He added the lowest levels of children with a learning disability or autism spectrum disorder in the North-East were in those districts with fluoride in the water.

The committee’s chairman, Councillor Chris Taylor said from the evidence presented it was clear fluoridation was worth exploring further.




The BBC rejects fairness and freedom

July 25

This was a broadcast that was strongly in favour of fluoride, promoting it as a fluoridation scheme, or even as a producer of medicines . One speaker  listed the ‘arguments’ against fluoride in order to dismiss them all. It starts with a verbal picture of teeth strengthened by the metal of fluoride. A letter has been sent  and another is planned.

Here is their  announcement

Fluorine: Chemistry’s Tiger

In Their Element, Series 3

Many chemists have lost their lives trying to isolate the periodic table’s most chemically reactive element – hence the nickname “the tiger of chemistry”. Fluorine can react with almost all elements. As an acid, hydrofluoric acid, it will dissolve glass. Yet chemists have been able to tame the beast – creating remarkable and safe uses for it by utilising its reactive nature that lets it make strong bonds with other chemicals.

The broadcast was spotted by Robert Carnaghan

This seems to be the ‘scientists’  starting with fluorine as something that protects our carpets and out teeth.

Video: I have available on request by Dropbox an example  of how Sky had a very different reaction  to news than BBC. Even earlier,  BBC  at one time  had a fair view on Panorama. 

Robert’s comment:: BBC Radio 4 programme (9-9:30 pm) about fluoride, in the series “In Their Element”. was wholly one-sided regarding fluoridation. There’s little hope of getting the BBC to be impartial but perhaps, just perhaps, writing politely to Professor Andrea Sella and Louisa Field might be useful. There are others who have changed their minds, but  can’t offer much hope.


If anyone else hears it, please join in.



An International leader leaves us 

From FAN

2nd July

We have very sad news to report.

We heard yesterday that Arvid Carlsson has passed away at the age of 95. This Swedish Nobel laureate led the successful fight against fluoridation in his country in the 1970s and kindly offered his support to the Fluoride Action Network in its efforts to bring solid science to this debate.

In 1978, he gave a prophetic warning that the baby’s developing tissues, including the brain, might be affected in infants fed formula made with fluoridated water.

The world had to wait over a dozen years before human, animal and cellular studies began to be published on fluoride’s toxic harm to the brain. There are now 53 IQ studies reporting an association of fluoride exposure and lower IQ in in children. In 2017 the landmark Bashash et al. study reported neurocognitive harm to the fetus from the mother’s fluoride levels which would be similar to the levels in adults in fluoridated communities.

 A reminder  that following the link above to 53 studies, gives you a list of all the studies and a summary of their findings. Introducing the list, FAN states:

Of these investigations, 53 studies have found that elevated fluoride exposure is associated with reduced IQ in humans, while 45 animal studies have found that fluoride exposure impairs the learning and/or memory capacity of animals. The human studies, which are based on IQ examinations of over 15,000 children, provide compelling evidence that fluoride exposure during the early years of life can damage a child’s developing brain.

2 min video




Northern Ireland

Reporting bad views .

From this part of the UK, protests that have led to calls to end schemes from many  local areas and some political  support. Here is the influence of the American Fluoridation Society on a national paper.  The points are  familiar to readers of the comments in the York paper above, and to those reading the Calgary affair as shown in last month;s  report.  We must be building  our collection of answers to this type of misinformation.  

Irish Times

Lucy Stock, dentist at Gentle Dental Care in Belfast, says research, and the experience of other countries, shows that artificially flouridating drinking water benefits public oral health

LOCAL authorities from across the UK should add fluoride to water supplies, following new research which confirms it has no negative effects.

According to the American Fluoridation Society, a study led by researchers at the National Toxicology Program in the United States, where 80 per cent of water is fluoridated, “has found no link between elevated levels of fluoride and cognitive/learning deficits”.

The UK’s Oral Health Foundation is calling for the introduction of widespread community fluoridation schemes, a move they believe will help protect millions from tooth decay.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps oral health by strengthening the tooth enamel, making it more resistant to tooth decay. It is found in many foods and in all drinking water but usually at levels too low to be beneficial to a person’s oral health.

The National Health and Medical Research Council found children and teenagers who had lived in areas with water fluoridation had 26-44 per cent fewer teeth or surfaces affected by decay, and adults had 27 per cent less tooth decay.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), named fluoridation of drinking water to prevent tooth decay as one of ‘Ten Great Public Health Interventions of the 20th Century’.

More than 5,000 children are admitted to hospitals in Northern Ireland to have multiple teeth extracted each year – costing the health service an estimated £9 million. Many very young children are waiting months, crying and distressed waiting to have their teeth removed. These children are often untreatable in general practice. This situation needs to change.

Dr Nigel Carter OBE, CEO of the Oral Health Foundation, says water fluoridation is a safe and highly effective way to significantly reduce health inequalities across the UK.

“We believe that the findings from the National Toxicology Program, alongside the Public Health England report, demonstrates conclusively how the introduction of water fluoridation can dramatically decrease the number of children suffering from tooth decay, reduce the huge inequalities that exist and improve the quality of live for millions of people across the UK,” says Dr Carter.

NI Water does not add fluoride to drinking water in Northern Ireland. Your local supply, however, may contain naturally occurring fluoride that is found in underlying rock strata from where it finds its way into river, lakes and reservoirs. Responsibility for fluoridation of the public water supply is ultimately a matter for the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS.)





National reports


Why is US Failing To Inform Pregnant Women to Limit Fluoride Ingestion

SOURCE Fluoride Action Network

July 25th

Share this article,

SWIS is happy to follow the request. Read it, then feel free to do the same!

NEW YORK, July 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — A recent government-funded study (Bashash et al. 2017) corroborates hundreds of previously published studies showing fluoride damages the brain. These shocking findings cannot be dismissed as “just one study” because they provide compelling evidence that pregnant women’s fluoride intake is linked to lower IQ in their offspring at levels commonly consumed in the US, reports the Fluoride Action Network (FAN).

Paul Connett, FAN Director says, “We are shocked and dismayed that public health officials and the media aren’t informing pregnant women to limit their fluoride intake.”

The Bashash study was funded by the US National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, and Environmental Protection Agency, and published in the US government journal, Environmental Health Perspectives.

This landmark study involved 299 mother-child pairs. IQ tests of the children were at age 4 and again at 6-12. After controlling for many potential confounding factors, the results show a loss of IQ points in the offspring strongly correlating with the measured amounts of fluoride in the mother’s urine during pregnancy.

When the mothers’ fluoride levels are compared on a graph to the children’s IQ scores, an increase in urine fluoride of 1 mg/liter is associated with a loss of 5 to 6 IQ points. The correlation is statistically significant at a 95 percent confidence level, which means that the results of this study are very reliable.

“These findings are highly relevant to Americans because 1 mg/liter corresponds to the difference in urine fluoride levels between adults living in communities that add fluoride to their drinking water compared to communities that don’t add fluoride,” says Connett.

In news stories, fluoridation advocates use a few limited or poorly done studies to dismiss hundreds of studies linking fluoride to negative brain effects.

“There is no longer any doubt that fluoride gets into the brain and causes damage,” says Connett. “Fluoride doesn’t belong in our brains or in our water. It’s time to invoke the precautionary principle and stop artificial fluoridation worldwide.”

FAN has begun the Moms2B Avoid Fluoride campaign to inform women and families about this study and the need to limit fluoride intake during pregnancy – see http://fluoridealert.org/issues/moms2b/.


An excerpt from a legal release

July 30th

 Press release from Seattle, Washington

…Another profitable fraud is fluoridation, which brings with it 3.0 trillion atoms of lead per liter of Seattle, Everett, Tacoma fluoridated water. Fluoride toothpaste and fluoride in dental practice are also profitable frauds. There are better ways to protect teeth. Jay Inslee supports fluoridation unquestioningly, and so it can be presumed that Maria does too…. https://www.fluoride-class-action.com/safewater



Regional news

Charlotte North Carolina,

August 4th

From Charlotte Review Sometimes tricking the public seemed to be the only path to progress. Campaigns to fluoridate public drinking water used to generate great resistance in the U.S. In Charlotte, the battle raged for two years with critics charging that fluoridation was “a communist plot to doctor the water with rat poison” and “compulsory mass medication.” Local doctors and dentists countered with almost unanimous support for fluoridation, because it protects children against tooth decay at negligible cost.

Charlotte’s Public Health Department and City Council finally inaugurated fluoridation with great fanfare on April Fools’ Day (apparently nobody noticed), 1949. All kinds of negative reviews and reports of dire consequences immediately flooded into city offices, wrote the Observer. Some claimed that the water had begun to taste bad; others reported that lawns wilted and a range of domestic pets from goldfish to cats and dogs suddenly died. Other citizens claimed their teeth had fallen out.

The outcry had reached a crescendo when city officials announced that fluoridation could not have caused all those dire outcomes, because they never started the fluoridation machinery. They had just wanted to expose the fervid hype about fluoridation.

The Health Department’s deception successfully deflated what had been intense opposition and fluoridation began for city residents in May 1949. Charlotte was the first city in the southeast to add fluoride to the water.

…. Brandon is MMF Distinguished Professor of Health Policy at UNC Charlotte.



Potsdam , Watertown NY

July 29th

POTSDAM — More than 20 people gathered Thursday night in Potsdam’s Town Hall community room to listen to a man who had helped coordinate the removal of fluoride in Canton’s water supply.

Walden Village Mayor Susan Rumbold and Trustee Lynn Thompson sat patiently in front of the crowd, but both held nothing back when speaking.  Walden Village Mayor Susan Rumbold .. had eventually chosen to side with what she believed to be evidence against fluoridation.

Walden now has no fluoride in the water, a fact that Mrs. Thompson relishes.“This is America. We’re all supposed to have a choice. We’re supposed to make good, sound choices for the people in our community,” she said…. “Our mayor and our village manager made it very clear that you’re not going to bully us,…we’ve spoken to our residents, fluoride’s going. And that was the end of that.”

Mr. Connett has traveled around the world to speak out against this issue, which he says is very personal….“Fluoride is very toxic, no doubt about that,” he started.  …He then ran through his greatest hits: fluoride decreases the total number of smart people in half, low-income families being targeted the most and the fetus is most impacted by fluoride in the water….





Essex (Windsor)

July 5

ESSEX — Town of Essex councillors have said no to fluoridated tap water — even before a decision was required.

All five councillors in attendance at the council meeting Tuesday night voted to send letters to water suppliers saying fluoridation is not welcome in their town.

“Council members voted unanimously to send the message that Essex does not want fluoride in the water,” Sherry Bondy, the councillor who pushed for the vote, said Wednesday. “If the health unit or the province would come to us to suggest we add fluoride, we’ve sent the message that we’re not interested, for what that’s worth.”

The vote on the contentious issue was largely symbolic, given that no governing authority has approached Essex about fluoridation.

In October 2016, the Ontario legislature passed a non-binding motion that would “remove the portions of the Ontario Municipal Act that allow a municipality to… opt out of fluoridation of its drinking water.”

Essex does not add fluoride to its Colchester South Water Treatment Plant, which serves the southern half of the municipality. Nor does the Town of Amherstburg, which supplies McGregor residents. Nor does the Union Water Supply System, which provides drinking water to a large portion of the county, including some Essex residents






Oberon NSW

Oberon fluoride fight: rally held and opponents are getting organised  OPPONENTS are getting organised following Oberon Council’s decision last week to add fluoride to the town’s water supply.

More than 40 people attended what was called a Freedom of Choice rally at the Oberon Community Centre on Tuesday as the town digests last week’s conclusion to a months-long divisive community debate.

One of the organisers of Tuesday’s rally, Racheal Maher, said she believed council’s decision had taken away the very basic human right of freedom of choice.

“The Oberon community fought with everything they had to stand against amalgamation [with Bathurst], for their independence, their right to make their own decisions and on July 17, at Oberon Council’s ordinary meeting, everything that fight represented was taken away,” she said.

“This is not an argument for or against fluoridation – it’s much greater than that. It’s an opportunity to protect your right to live in a community that supports freedom of the individual.

“If people choose to use fluoride, I respect that right, and ask you to please do the same for me and many others by not taking that choice away.”

Chris Freeman, who also spoke at the rally, said “council is ultimately the voice of the people, not NSW Health or the dental industry”.

“We who are opposed to fluoridation feel the choice of the people has, in this case, been dismissed as unreliable or ignored,” he said.

Mr Freeman encouraged those at the rally to write to local members, councillors and the NSW Ombudsman.


Many at the rally expressed their concerns in regards to a phone poll sponsored by NSW Health and conducted by the Social Research Centre from June 14 to 16 – particularly about the fact only 371 people were surveyed.

Mr Freeman told the Oberon Review a request for an investigation into how the survey was conducted had been submitted.

He said that as a result of the rally, a new committee will be formed and will meet next Tuesday at the Oberon RSL Club at 3.30pm.

“Concerned mothers are door-knocking with a new petition. In just two days, they have received 100 names – all opposed to fluoridation,” he said.


2nd July

MICHEAL Czajba published his PhD paper in Chemistry, Applied Science at the university RMIT in 2014.

The author declares that he has no competing interests. Through his paper are quotes. First: “Flexafluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate (a powder) or sodium fluoride (a powder – all highly toxic). However, water fluoridation is usually carried out Flexafluorosilicic acid which is a by-product of the aluminium and phosate industries.” Second: “Fluoride is poison a lipid soluble neurotoxin and enzyme.” Further in his study: “At 1ppm some sections of the population (eg infants) will ingest too much fluoride. A lethal dose for children is 5-15mg/kg. Thus as little as 35mg can kill a 7kg infant while 5-10g (32-64 mg/kg) can kill a 70kg adult.”

Fluoride accidents do happen in the water system with fluoride poisoning. Search the web; they are there.

At the council meeting on June 19, Keith Sullivan (a former mayor) asked the mayor and council the same questions that many people, myself included, have been asking for months since this fluoride debate came up again back in November.

The questions being asked have been: What is the source? Where is it coming from? What is in it? These questions have never been answered.

I believe there are only two reasons this has not occurred. Either they do not know and are prepared to vote without knowing the answers to these questions like puppets for the government. Or they refuse to tell us as they are afraid of the backlash from the community. Maybe good politics, but not good council transparency.

Bathurst council do not buy their fluoride (toxic waste) locally. As it is not available from Belgium due to short supply, now it is coming from China. I wonder if the Bathurst community know this.

As far as I am concerned, the government dental health department is not telling the truth. They tell a half-truth in the sense fluoride does occur naturally, but the fluoride they want us to use and approve is, I believe, toxic waste.

There appears to me to be pressure on for the councillors to vote yes. But to vote for something that I believe is going to be toxic is so very wrong. I, like many, just want to know what is the toxin going to be if the councillors vote it in.

What are the dangers for those susceptible to adverse reactions if fluoridation goes ahead?

If you haven’t had your say to the councillors, let them know. Yes or no – but not just because the dentist told you to. Councillors work for us. They are supposed to be our voice, not a voice for the government.

Please speak up or more than likely one of these contaminants are going to go into our tap drinking water.

Robyn Wiseman  



July 2

As sent to the general manager of Oberon Council.

Fluoridation will never be mandated in NSW. What has happened in state parliament now with the Shadow Minister for Health, Walt Secord, is a carbon copy of what happened in 2014. Andrew MacDonald tried the same tactic, and failed.

Brad Hazzard has gone on record that the Liberals will not support Walt Secord’s private member’s bill to mandate fluoridation. The Queensland debacle attests to this where it was mandated by Anna Bligh, then rolled back by Campbell Newman in the following term.

The NSW Government wants local councils to be held accountable should anything “go wrong”. Anna Bligh overstepped in Queensland and that’s why the mandatory stance of fluoridation there was dropped.

I want the council to be clear that no organisation, either government or professional, is going to assist Oberon Council if anything goes wrong with the implementation or operation of fluoridation in Oberon.

I trust all the councillors to do what your community wants and in the end you will be protecting your community and yourselves. I hope the councillors find this information useful to make a decision based on fact and not on a very slick and very long marketing campaign.

Here is yet another reason why I am against water fluoridation.

Veronika Cvitanovic


Last Words in Oberon Review

Letter from Phillip Haynes

July 29th 

I BELIEVE it should be plainly obvious to most residents that the “community engagement” meetings, and the council poll, to get feedback regarding fluoridation were a total farce.

I believe the decision to fluoridate had been made from the very beginning.

They just had to go through the motions, to make it look genuine.

Then, when the numbers were so far in favour of not fluoridating, that is when the government-sanctioned phone poll came in to “save the day”, which enabled the five councillors to justify their decision to fluoridate.

It looks like a carbon copy of how they got fluoridation passed in Bega.

What is now needed is for closer scrutiny as to how this phone poll was conducted.

I would like to thank councillors Gibbons, McCarthy and Lyon for respecting the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Oberon residents by voting against fluoridation.

As for the five councillors who voted to add fluoride to the town’s water, you are now going to have to face a lot of very angry residents whose views were disregarded.

Looking forward, I believe there will be legal challenges to this decision.

And let’s not forget, when we next vote for a new council, we can then vote for councillors who respect the wishes of the residents, not trample on them.

And lastly I would ask all shopkeepers who have “no fluoride” signs to please keep them displayed, as this is by no means over.

In fact, it is just the beginning of the next phase.

https://www.oberonreview.com.au/story/5546553/letter-this-is-not-the-end-of-the-fluoride-battle.New  Zealand


Great New Zealand News!

Rethink Fluoride: The nationwide campaign

More about the continuing campaign

A nationwide campaign has been launched to oppose the Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Bill currently before Parliament. The campaign, Rethink Fluoride, brings together New Zealanders who oppose the mass fluoridation of our drinking water, many of whom made submissions to the Health Select Committee considering the Bill. The vast majority of public submissions opposed the Bill.

Retired dentists Dr Lawrie Brett and Dr John Jukes will head the campaign. They say, “International peer-reviewed research has shown fluoridation to be unsafe and ineffective, which is why it is not endorsed by the majority of international health authorities.”

The Fluoridation of Drinking Water Bill, introduced by the previous Government and currently before Parliament, seeks to shift decision making from democratic territorial local authorities (local Councils) to District Health Boards, under the direction or at least heavy influence of the Ministry of Health, with no public input into the decision. Former Health Minister Annette King acknowledged this is effectively mandatory fluoridation by proxy in her speech at the Bill’s first reading.

The coalition behind Rethink Fluoride notes that, if this Bill is passed, New Zealand will become one of only three countries in the world with mandatory fluoridation and without addressing the larger issues arising from fluoridation.

Fluoride Free NZ, an organisation established to end water fluoridation in New Zealand, has lent its support to the campaign and provided seed funding.

Rethink Fluoride’s objective is to encourage Parliament not to proceed with the Bill and in fact use this opportunity to take a fresh look at the fluoridation issue. This is especially important today with the growing body of evidence pointing to harm from fluoride even at levels we have previously believed to be safe.

The campaign will utilise social media, public relations and networking to raise awareness about fluoridation and to promote debate about fluoridation.

“New Zealand is one of a tiny minority of countries that fluoridate drinking water, as a result of ties with the USA. Less than five percent of the world’s population is fluoridated, with more and more cities stopping every year. Unfortunately, New Zealand, as this legislation demonstrates, is apparently intent on travelling in the opposite direction.

“We believe that, were New Zealanders better aware of the facts about fluoridation, our parliamentarians would be less inclined to disregard the body of evidence against the fluoridation of our drinking water.”

Rethink Fluoride says that in March 2014 fluoride was classified as a neurotoxin in world-renowned medical journal, The Lancet.

There are now 59 human studies that have looked at fluoride exposure and effects on brain function. 52 of these show fluoride’s damaging effect: lowered IQ, behavioural deficits, nervous disorders, and memory disruption. The most recent, a landmark US Government funded, multi-million-dollar study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives in 2017. It found that children exposed to fluoride in utero, to mothers experiencing the same level of fluoride exposure as pregnant NZ women, have reduced IQ.

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that fluoridation is compulsory medical treatment, and this breach of the Bill of Rights Act can only be justified if there are real benefits and no significant risks, it is essential that this balancing be re-evaluated in light of current scientific evidence.

“Just as we had to rethink lead in petrol, which is also estimated to have lowered IQ by 5 points, we need to rethink water fluoridation. In fact, we have more scientific evidence against fluoride than we had against both DDT and lead in petrol when they were banned.”

Rethink Fluoride believes that most people who investigate the issue of fluoridation with an open mind will conclude that, at the least, our parliamentarians should adopt the precautionary principle and suspend the fluoridation of our drinking water, and reject the current legislation.

To learn more about fluoridation, visit rethinkfluoride.org.nz or visit the Rethink Fluoride Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Rethink-Fluoride-393677071117763/.

SOURCE URL: http://www.voxy.co.nz/health/5/317122



A new international campaigning team

A ‘team of international experts’ is coming to New Zealand, as the campaigners have just announced. They will be an impressive team

Coming to New Zealand in the first week of September are Dr C Vyvyan Howard, former Professor of Bioimaging, Nano Systems Biology, Centre for Molecular Biosciences, University of Ulster; Declan Waugh, Environmental Scientist and Risk Management Consultant; and Professor Paul Connett.

As most of us know, Professor Connett is an expert in fluoridation and a fantastic speaker. This time he will be accompanied by two equally impressive people.

Dr Vyvyan Howard is a medically qualified toxico-pathologist with expertise on the effects of toxic substances on the foetus and infant during the developmental period of life. He is a past president of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment, which is a World Health Organisation and United Nations recognised NGO representing some 30,000 medical doctors around the world.  He has also served on UK Goverment regulatroy committees, including six years as a toxicologist on the Advisory Committee on Pesticides.

Over the last 25 years, Declan Waugh has overseen the environmental management of several industrial operations as well as delivering solutions for client’s complex environmental challenges in developing renewable energy and waste management projects, assessing and managing contaminated land restoration projects, water management, acoustics and environmental impact assessment.Since 2012, Declan has devoted considerable time and resources to independently assess the environmental and health risks associated with fluoride exposure, in addition to undertaking due diligence examination of community water fluoridation

Auckland July 5

An Auckland District Health Board member has wished “very painful toothache” upon a group of anti-flouride campaigners.

The outburst was sparked by the Supreme Court’s ruling on June 27 to uphold the South Taranaki District Council’s right to add fluoride to the area’s water supply.

Robyn Northey, an Auckland District Health Board member and former school dental nurse, disagreed with the press release Fluoride Free NZ posted on its Facebook page regarding the Fluoride Free NZ has laid a complaint to the Auckland District Health Board over the comment.

Water fluoridation is the controlled addition of fluoride to a public water supply to reduce tooth decay.

The decision to allow fluoridation in South Taranaki came as a blow to anti-fluoride groups, who argue it is compulsory mass medication and in breach of human rights.

However, in a majority decision, the court ruled the council did have the legal authority to fluoridate water.

A DHB spokeswoman said dental decay was the most prevalent chronic and irreversible disease in New Zealand.

“Many health professionals who see first-hand the negative effects the absence of fluoride in a diet can have on oral health are passionate about the importance of fluoridation.”

The spokeswoman said Northey was taking part in the online debate in a personal capacity.

Northey declined to comment.

*This story has been corrected from the first version published. We had originally stated that Northey’s toothache comment was posted after other social media posts on the issue. However, she began her social media posts with that comment, then added further comments later. 




from FAN

4th July

Mr Peter Ayamga Ayinbisa, District Chief Executive for Bongo has stressed that government has put up a comprehensive water supply programme to address the water needs of the constituents in the Bongo district.

He envisaged that access to water supply would increase from current 84.7 per cent to 100 per cent by 2025.

To fulfil this, the DCE said challenges related to fluoride concentration in the water table that affected a greater number of the constituents was being given attention as the Assembly had designed a potable water scheme to construct boreholes throughout communities in the district.

This would ensure that all communities in the district got safe drinking water while they waited for the major one by 2025.

The DCE said the Assembly was running a pilot programme in partnership with a foundation in the Netherlands to treat fluoride in affected boreholes and wells in the district and 10 households in each community would be piloted on the programme and added that this would improve water usage in the district.

Mr Ayinbisa said even though boreholes in some communities had been capped due to their high fluoride content, he hoped the situation would permanently be fixed to bring relief to the people in the district.

He indicated that the district Assembly had provided 10 boreholes in addition to similar interventions from the UNDP that provided additional 10 boreholes and said the Ministry of special Initiatives had provided six solar mechanised boreholes to the district.

He expressed gratitude to Water Aid Ghana (WAG) for the provision of water to the district and indicated that WAG had provided 20 boreholes and five solar powered systems to the district.

*Original article online at https://www.modernghana.com/news/865344/water-for-all-declared-in-bongo-district-by-the-year-2025.html

July 28th World Global Water Fluoridation


July 27th


Water Fluoridation Chemical Market Analysis Report By Product, By Application, By Region And Global Forecast 2018-2023

Press release from: Up Market Research (UMR)
Water Fluoridation Chemical Market Analysis Report

The latest report published on Up Market Research, on Water fluoridation chemical Market Analysis offers comprehensive analysis, delivering detailed market data and penetrating insights. The report covers detailed Water fluoridation chemical Market analysis by Product, Application, Region, Major Player, Market Size, Share, Trends, Growth and Forecast 2018-2023.

A source of information produced for a substantial price to the ‘industry’ that makes profit making from fluoridation . that lists all the international suppliers and The link gives a list of  regions and  all the international supplier