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1 The Darlington  Battle


2: The USA and Efforts from FAN


3: Windsor struggle in Canada


4 : Truth from New Zealand and fluoride deformity in India


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As always, News items are included  by country, with towns or regions listed alphabetically, starting with the UK and Ireland, followed by the US and Canada, then Australia and New Zealand. Items headlined

On some pages, News and Resources are identified separately. Resource may be selected from  longer extracts from articles available on the web and / or links to further  information.

Most News articles are considerably shortened and consist of a series of extracts from the original, with a link shown where possible to the original publication..

 SWIS editorial comments are generally indicated in green. 

SWIS holds a copy of most material  referenced as a library and will willingly make available anything it has for use by anti-fluoridation campaigners or researchers, unless prevented by  copyright. restrictions.

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