SWIS News Jan – May 2014

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May 30

Here is a good example of a pro-fluoridation ‘study’


How much coverage will be given to this equally good example of a reply to its conclusions?



May 19 Ireland

Worthwhile update on the campaign in Cork



May 18 U.S.

A serious proposal to paint fluoride on the teeth of children under three years old. Original source to follow



May 15 U.S.

Boyne City, Petoskey, MI votes to discontinue fluoridation and Missouri city is also likely to end fluoridation  of its well water.



May 8 U.S.

This article is headed ‘Dallas, Texas ends fluoridation after 50 years’


This one, from the local Dallas paper, does not seem to have heard the news.


but the date of the meeting according to this ecstatic source was 23rd April



May 7 U.K

Bolton, Lancs. has confirmed it will not be considering fluoridation, reports the Bolton News, followed by a page of the recent  PHE propaganda. When is a journalist going to question the validity of these Manchester v Birmingham comparisons?


April 30 New Zealand

An appeal against the Hamilton council’s decision to reintroduce fluoride has been lodged



April 25 New Zealand

A small victory in North Island


And another – Bernalillo is in New Mexico, in case you want to know


and the ‘Waking Times’ produces a good summary of the Scientific World report,


April 24 New Zealand

Complaints about Fan-NZ adverts upheld by Advertising Standards authority. No details of the judgement itself, but read some of the comments as well.


April 22 Ireland

Protest planned in DublinThe Girl Against Fluoride Team will stage a protest outside the Irish Medicine’s Board at Kevin O’Malley House, Earlsfort Centre, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2 from 10am-6pm.


Also see http://news-beacon-ireland.info/?p=18051

April 19 USA

Campaigns or plans to vote on removing fluoridation are active in several areas. These examples are from  Washington,  Saskatchewan and California, where the focus is on the dangers of fluoride to infants





April 14

Water Fluoridation: A Critical Review of the Physiological Effects of Ingested Fluoride as a Public Health Intervention: Stephen Peckham and Niyi Awafoso

Scientific World Journal publishes a very well researched study that should be mandatory reading for promoters and those opponents who want a scientifically argued basis for their opinion. Feel free to download and use it.


May 11 Australia

Significant new scheme to be implemented in Maryborough, Victoria


May 9 U.S.

Albuquerque debates adding fluoride to a water supply that already contains up to 0.5 ppm – probably the reason for the pro-fluoride article listed below yesterday. Meanwhile in Westbrook, Maine ( a suburb of ( fluoride- resisting) Portland, an unusually strong anti-fluoride stance is taken by the local paper.



April 8 U.K and U.S.

The Guardian has had another particularly virulent article in its Science on -line section, followed , at the last count by 400 comments


Here is another typical pro-fluoride campaign from Albuquerque. Interesting that one particular fluoridation promoter takes so much space  in both places.


April 1 U.K.

Public Health ( England) publishes a required survey of fluoridation and uses it to demonstrate effectiveness and safety.

The report was featured in several newspapers including the on -line version of the Mail and the Guardian, which conducted a poll. The Mail had around 200 and the Guardian over 400 comments. The poll resulted in  a 63% ‘No’ vote to  adding fluoride. The statistical validity of the PHE report will be discussed in a separate article on the safewaterinformation web site.


Here is the BDA using the same statistical methods:


March 25 U.K.

A press release headed ‘Fluoride monitoring report finds lower levels of tooth decay in fluoridated areas and no evidence of harm to health’ to  draw attention to the ‘ Water Fluoridation Health Monitoring Report England 2014’ has been picked up by a number of national papers and the BBC.  Steven Peckham appeared with Prof Walmsley of the British Dental Association on Breakfast time .

March 19 U.S.

Fluoride Action Network has drawn attention to a release from Public Justice. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has agreed to hear oral arguments in an  important fluoride harm case.

The case, Nemphos v Nestle Waters. et al.. concerns  “dental fluorosis” disfigurement of teeth caused by childhood ingestion of fluorides in water and other products. The plaintiff  is a mother who purchased fluoride-containing products for her daughter, believing she was helping her child avoid cavities. The mother claims she was not warned about the possibility of costly-to-repair disfiguring fluorosis that later manifested in her daughter’s teeth

The Washington D.C.-based law firm Public Justice has joined other plaintiff firms to help argue the case. Public Justice has more than 3,000 affiliated attorneys


In another development, advertisements seeking students with dental fluorosis are beginning to appear in newspapers at universities, such as The Hoya newspaper at Georgetown University.  They show photos of dental fluorosis teeth staining and inform students that those with fluoride teeth harm may be entitled to monetary damages.


 March 18 Ireland

At a meeting of Cork County Council on Monday, a motion from Cllr Christopher O’Sullivan (Fianna Fail), calling for an immediate cessation of fluoridation of the public water supply, was supported without opposition. Fluoridation is still mandated by the government but the Minister for Health intends setting up an expert group of consultants from outside Ireland to examine the entire issue.


March 10 New Zealand

FAN New Zealand comments on the  ruling that fluoridation by the South Taranki District Council was lawful.  FAN-NZ describes as  ‘sounds like something straight out of 1984’.the statement by Judge Hansen that ‘Whilst I accept that fluoridation has a therapeutic purpose, I conclude that the means by which the purpose is effected does not constitute medical treatment’. They have stated an intention to appeal the decision. You can follow FAN NZ on Facebook


March 7 New Zealand and Canada

One  case against a town’s right to fluoridate fails, with the judge ruling  fluoride is ‘not a medicine’. At the other side of the world, another challenge commences, claiming damages for the effects of dental fluorosis. It starts with an acceptance in an earlier action  that fluoride ‘on balance of probabilities’ causes fluorosis.




March 3 Ireland

Fine Gael, the currently leading party in the Irish government, has promised to abandon the national compulsory fluoridation policy it has until now supported, if it wins the forthcoming election. Not everyone believes them.



February 27 U.S.

The attempt to force fluoride health warnings on water bills in Kansas is meeting heavy opposition. At the same time, another  Florida town rejects fluoridation




February 21 U.S.

This ‘ Global Research’  article combines evidence and earlier studies on the chemical used in most US fluoridation schemes and shows that silicofluorides increase the uptake of lead in the body, causing reduced intelligence and increased crime rates.. Included is a link to the video of the 9-minute Congressional testimony by PhD chemist William Hirzy, Senior Vice-President of the union representing EPA toxicologists, biologists, chemists, engineer and lawyers:



February 20 Canada

Better than usual collection of readers’ on-line comments to proposal that fluoridation should be taken out of the hands of local democratic decision making. Chatham- Kent, is of course not in Kent, but Ontario.


February 18 Ireland

The ‘Irish Examiner’ reports on a new initiative to create a fluoride-free town in west Cork, by food shops and restaurants purchasing reverse osmosis filtration systems, as six businesses in  Bantry over the weekend installed filtration systems they say will give their customers the choice to consume food and drinks prepared with fluoride-free water.  Owen Boyden, the co-ordinator of the West Cork Fluoride Free Campaign, is spearheading the Fluoride Free Towns movement,.


February 17

The Lancet Neurology reviews neurotoxins  and  the damage to the developing brain of industrial chemicals, and concludes ‘ To control the pandemic of developmental neurotoxicity, we propose a coordinated international strategy’.  Expanding on a 2006 meta-study that identified five substances including lead, arsenic and toluene, it now adds a further six, including fluoride and quotes the 27 studies from China that suggest a lowering of IQ caused by fluoride in drinking water. The article is important not just because it is in an extremely well respected international medical journal, but that it explains the process by which these toxins are so dangerous. The writer draws attention to the great increase in the effects of previously unrecognised substances and explains the process by which  damage is caused to the developing brain. This is a particularly cogent quote from the conclusions:

‘…The presumption that new chemicals and technologies are safe until proven otherwise is a fundamental problem. Classic examples of new chemicals that were introduced because they conveyed certain benefits, but were later shown to cause great harm, include several neurotoxicants, asbestos, thalidomide, diethylstilboestrol, and the chlorofluorocarbons. A recurring theme in each of these cases was that commercial introduction and wide dissemination of the chemicals preceded any systematic effort to assess potential toxicity.’



February 15 Hong Kong

A letter to ‘South China Morning Post’ reminds us that there is another small enclave of fluoridation in Asia and it just might be the start of a move to end it.


February 14 U.K.

Mass medication has serious side-effects – By Andrew M Brown, Daily Telegraph, 13.2.14 (date printed; previous day’s date on the website) This article is mostly about various things, but there’s this paragraph:

 “The classic instance of a whole-population approach is fluoride in water. As Professor KK Cheng and others have pointed out in the British Medical Journal, there is precious little evidence that it does any good, whereas fluoride applied as toothpaste has been shown to prevent tooth decay.”


 February 13 U.S.

A well stated letter to a Ohio paper, typical of several opposing the federal farm bill just enacted that  overrides a ruling by the Environmental Protection Agency to phase out the toxic fumigant sulfuryl fluoride on food. Not about water fluoridation, but shows how the results of a successful campaign by FAN over several years can be destroyed by unscrupulous business interests..


February 10 U.S.

A new fight brewing in Kansas.



February 4 U.K.

The Southampton saga continued: Julian Lewis, MP for New Forest has written to the Under Secretary of State for the Department for Health (DfH), calling for her to  to make a decision and avoid a costly court case.



February 3 U.S.

Another community in Palm Beach, Florida votes to remove fluoride from its water supply


Propaganda in a sitcom. Hilarious, or sinister, depending on your point of view. This is a  detailed description of an episode of Parks and recreation’ Series 6, episode 8 that, as far as I know, has not been available in the U.K., but an earlier series has , so we should watch out.


February 2 New Zealand

Paul Connett starts his tour of New Zealand. View a standard news item that also mentions the expected decision on the legality of the process in one specific area. An interesting time to follow the increasingly active movement for change in New Zealand.



January 22

The last words from Paul; Connett in his debate with Ken Perrott, with links to the full debate. A restrained response to what had become an increasingly personal attack and a final summarising of the case against fluoridation that stands out on its own.


January 21 U.K.

Latest update in the Southampton battle – Public Health England takes over the role and apparently the arrogance of the late SHA but Southampton Council is ready for a fight