September 8


September 8, 2014

U.K.: What is the PHE Planning?

From Ann Wills:

Click on the website addresses below.  There’s some . good info about fluoride’s toxicity, & the last two websites below state that Public Health England plans to add fluoride to all our tap water.

Here is the Daily Mail online making reference to it also:

And here we have the Daily Telegraph reporting in March 2014 that ‘It now seems that a fresh attempt is to be made to fluoridate the whole of England’.….html


U.S.A: .Fluoride Action Network’s 5th conference ends in Washington

The Fluoride Action Netwok’s 5th conference took place on  6th – 7th September  . For the first time , live auidio streaming was available, although the time differnce made it difficult for the U.K. A lobbying of Congress planned for Monday 8th has aroused the American Dental Association.  

Presenters included

On Saturday

 Paul Connett, PhD

Michael Connett, JD

Quangong Xiang, PhD

Chris Neurath

Bill Hirzy, PhD

Jennifer Luke, DDS, PhD

On Sunday:

Aisling Fitzgibbon, Ireland

Rick North, Portland

Stuart Cooper, FAN

Henry Rodriguez, LULAC

Bill Osmunson, DDS

Charlie Brown, JD

Dr. Joe Mercola,

Mike Ewall, JD

Dan Stockin, MP


FAN called for help when the American Dental Association has just put out a message to their membership urging them to contact their elected officials in Washington, DC to specifically counter FAN’s 5th Citizen’s Conference on Fluoride and their first ever fluoride lobby day on Monday:According to the ADA’s message:

“Fluoridation opponents are planning to lobby members of Congress during a conference in Washington, D.C., from September 5-8.  Their stated goals are to end community water fluoridation, ask for congressional hearings on what they believe are the dangers of fluoridation, and request that Congress de-fund the CDC’s Division of Oral Health.  They plan to tell members of Congress that community water fluoridation lowers I.Q. levels in children, and that fluoridation is dangerous and ineffective.”

“In August, the ADA sent letters to every member of Congress, touting the upcoming 70th anniversary of fluoridation, and providing “10 Reasons to Fluoridate.”  We believe that members of Congress should hear from you directly, prior to the opponents’ lobbying visits.  With your help, we can stop this campaign of misinformation and continue community water fluoridation, which the CDC has proclaimed one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century.”TPlease help us set the record straight with our officials on Capitol Hill. We need as many of you as possible to contact your Representatives and Senators to urge them to support congressional hearings on fluoridation. Please take a few minutes to send a message using our automated system.  And please remember, that a phone message is even more influential, especially if you are a medical or scientific professional. 


Is Fluoridation an Illegitimate Human Experiment?

Concise release from nyscof ( now you know who they are), in full below:

NEW YORK, Sept. 3, 2014 /

 Legal Scholar: Is Fluoridation an Illegitimate Human Experiment “The cessation of all compulsory water fluoridation schemes should be the goal of all public health agencies, ethical lawmakers and informed citizens,” argues Rita Barnett-Rose, Chapman University Associate Law Professor, (online August 2014), reports the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF).

Evidence of fluoride’s harm is ignored, downplayed or not studied; benefits exaggerated and informed consent disregarded. “Claims that fluoridation is not mass medication are unpersuasive,” she writes.  

After scientists disproved the 1945 theory assuming ingested fluoride was essential for healthy teeth, fluoridation promoters newly speculate, without evidence, that fluoridation benefits low-income children who have the most decay and least access to dental care – a problem that persists today despite 7 decades of fluoridation. In fact, dental socioeconomic disparities have increased.

The National Research Council acknowledges significant fluoride health research has yet to be done – especially fluoride’s effect on the young brain.

Using case law, legal opinions and scientific reports, Barnett-Rose argues that fluoridation schemes allow public health officials to experiment on human subjects without their informed consent.

“Adding a drug to the water supply to treat or prevent the disease of tooth decay is unquestionably a medical intervention, and the fact that the risks of this drug are still being determined by public agencies, supports an argument that water fluoridation is an ongoing human medical experiment,” she writes.

“Continued imposition of compulsory water fluoridation schemes violates numerous legal and ethical human subjects’ research protocols,” argues Barnett-Rose.

“It is no longer acceptable for public health officials to simply dismiss the accruing negative data and to continue to insist that the levels of fluoride children and adults are receiving on a daily basis are without any serious health consequences,” she writes.

Attorney Paul Beeber, NYSCOF President says, “Politics plays a heavy hand in fluoridation policy and promotion which seems to protect special interest groups, corporations and government agencies instead of the American public who are unwitting guinea pigs in this ongoing fluoridation experiment.”

Barnett-Rose writes: “Taking politics and long-entrenched agendas out of the mix, the risks of tooth decay, while perhaps still significant for a minority of individuals, are significantly outweighed by the human rights burdens, economic costs, and risks of other bodily harm for the majority of those affected.”

SOURCE NYS Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc


Video link

3 minute film from Dr Mercols with a smple summary of the case against fluoride

8 minutes from Ireland:

4 minute summary based on  three published source  articles, including damage caused to teeth

Dr Dean Burke interviewed on hs research which proved the link  between flujoridation and cancer in theU.S, which he describes as ‘murder on a grand scale’. Remeber that this evidence was tested oin a legal case that established beyond doubt its authenticity and rejected claims, still being repeated, that it was in any way statistcally faulty.

3 minutes fom an Irsh doctor with 30 years experience


International News Sunmmary

Other links to U.S.A. news

Gloucester, MA

September 2,

35 dentists sign on to back fluoridation By Ray Lamont EditorGloucester Daily Times

Nearly three dozen Cape Ann dentists, in a rare show of professional unity, have signed onto a letter urging officials in both Rockport and Gloucester to continue adding fluoride to the drinking water of both communities.

Sep. 1

Letter: Using fluoridation should be matter of choice

Boyne City

Boyne City fluoride fight now includes Oct. 11 debate; fluoride advocacy group won’t participate

A group calling itself “Citizens Against Forced Medication” has scheduled a public debate featuring a prominent anti-fluoride advocate for several …


Sep. 1

New evidence indicating that EPA should lower its safe fluoride level goal in public drinking water systems to zero, will be presented by former EPA senior risk assessment scientist, William Hirzy PhD, at the Fluoride Action Network’s (FAN) 5th Citizens’ Conference . (FAN release)


Officials in a Schuylkill County borough are divided on whether to add fluoride to the water supply.

It’s an issue brewing in Schuylkill Haven where Borough officials say fluoride was added to the water from 1967 until 2010, when it was stopped because of possible health concerns related to fluoridation.The council voted several months ago to once again start adding fluoride, but voted to delay the process of applying for a DEP permit until January.

OLIVER SPRINGS — When the town’s current stockpile of fluoride runs out in about a week, Oliver Springs will discontinue putting that chemical in its water supply. (Subscription)

Rockport will have an opportunity to vote on a non-binding warrant article at Monday’s Fall Town Meeting, which asks residents whether or not they favor discontinuing fluoride supplementation of the town’s water supply. Karen Tysver of the Cape Ann Fluoride Action Network after Connett’s August presentationsreported that just three area medical professionals attended the first of the two August forums and none appeared at the second one.”Apparently they don’t feel a need to discuss the public’s concerns,” she said

At the time, she reported that just three area medical professionals attended the first of the two August forums and none appeared at the second one.

Newton County, Georgia

Sep 5

Ed Manor, of Jasper, and a board member of the Ozark Mountain Regional Public Water Authority, told the Newton County Quorum Court at its monthly meeting Tuesday night, Sept. 2, that the authority’s board has not begun fluoridating its water as required by state law and thinks fluoridating water should be voluntary. It should be the decision made by the individual water systems purchasing the water. If it wants fluoride in its water it can treat the water itself, he said.


Cornwall, Ontario

Sep 11

CORNWALL, Ontario – City council will decide soon, perhaps once and for all, about the fluoridation of the Cornwall water system. Councillors will get a sneak peak at a report from the city’s environmental services department Monday night, which details a process to augment the safety policies and equipment at Cornwall’s treatment plant where dangerous chemicals are added to fluoridate drinking water.

The report will be discussed in full Sept. 22.

until the new policy measures are in place, the city drinking water will remain fluoride free.



Sep 3

Safe Water Alternative NZ Inc (SWANZ) has withdrawn its Judicial Review proceedings against the Hamilton City Council. SWANZ co-ordinator, Trevor Crosbie, said that while they had a good legal case, their resources are limited compared with the deep pockets of the council. “Another factor is the growing number of challenges to fluoridation. We are confident fluoridation will be required to cease sooner rather than later as a result of these actions”

Radio NewZealand reports reaction from the Council

There is relief from the Hamilton City Council that an anti-fluoridation group has given up its fight for a judicial review of a decision to put fluoride back into the town water supply.



Sep 1

Biased arrticle with long list of comments, some typicallybad-temopered. The first shows what happened to the intended Council vote on fluoridation in Dublin.



Jewish Telegraph  comment on the decision,that improvers a little as you read on.


Israeli Health Minister Yael German would have fit right into the cast of “Dr. Strangelove… like Jack D. Ripper, the macho general in Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 Cold War satire.

Read more:



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