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Bedford June 10  Anglian Water “ will recommence fluoridation of the water supply once the necessary equipment has been fitted, tested and calibrated.”               Jun 16

July 17 300% rise in kids needing  to have rotten teeth out  in fluoridated  Birmingham                                                                                                      Jul 21

Fluoride will not be added to Bolton’s water                                                  Jun 23

’Bradford children’s rotten teeth prompt calls for fluoridation’                               Jun 30

 The latest Statement from Hampshire County Council provided to Hampshire Against Fluoride                                                                                                            Jul 7 

Project to tackle Bradford’s tooth decay problem                                                Aug 4

Decay rates fall in East Lancashire                                                                    Jul 28




Letter questioning the recent rejection by the IMO AGM of a motion calling on the Department of Health to reverse its current policy of public water fluoridation                                                    mentioned  423, reproduced            Jul 28

The Government have no plans to examine the use of fluoride in public water schemes, despite promises by a minister that this would be done.                                    Jun  23

  Report not relevant to Ireland’ the Dáil has been told                                    Jul  21   


            City Council to debate motion on ending public water fluoridation             Jul  21

            Dublin City Councillor Anthony Connaghan puts down a motion to End Water Fluoridation in Dublin                                                                                          Jul 28



 Calgary Study is looking at how Calgary’s decision to pull fluoride from drinking water is affecting children’s teeth.                                                                              Jul  21  

Cranbrook  BC

            The City of Cranbrook referendum on fluoridation                                     Aug 4

            Continuef fluoridationto be put to a referendum this November                 Sep 1

 Edmonton and Alberta is building a huge sign on QE2 highway                       Sep 1

 Peterborough. Paul Connett,visit and biography                                              Sep 1

 Ontario, May 23 This article, headed Board supports fluoridation across Ontario is worth reading for its comments                                                                        Jun 9 

Peel,  Ontario,

June 24,  A legal opinion to Peel Regional Councillors that artificial water fluoridation is unconstitutional                                                                                                Jun 30

Nader Hasan at the Peel City Council meeting 6/26/14                                      Jun 30

SWIS article on significance of  the new legal action in Peel  City.                         Jul 14

Reminder and update on Peel July 18                                                             Jul  21  


Prince George

Council tackles fluoridation question Monday                                                  Jul  21  

Response to class action                                                                                    Jul 28

Fluoride referendum question OK’d                                                                    Jul 28

Owen Sound   Plebiscite on fluoridation                                                             Aug 4



Entrepreneur creates non-fluoride anti-cavity mouth rinse                                Jul  21  




Boyne City, Michigan

May 14. Boyne City to discontinue water fluoridation.                                          Jun 9 

June 11,Developments on an item included last week                                         Jun 16

June 27 If residents of Boyne City wish to vote on whether their water system should be fluoridated, they’ll have to collect enough petition signatures to do it                                                                                                                   Jul 7

             to vote on resume adding fluoride                                      Aug 11

Buffalo, Missouri Wednesday, May 14,  recently made the decision to stop fluoridating the public water     A. Natural News’ article made two points:                               Jun 23

 Cambridge, Masachusetts. A report followed by a long pro-fluoride rant, with a clip from  Dr Strangelove                                                                                       Aug 11

 Cincinatti unique voting right to remove the chemical from their water supply                                                                                                               Sep 1

 South Carolina: Fluoride intake threatens learning   with comments                  Sep 1

Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia  Well reasoned article in the Chestnut Hill Local , by a local resident                                                                                                Jul 7

 Dallas, Doctor Joseph Mercola summarizes the position in a wider article underlining his support for  the case against fluoridation:                                                        Jul 7

Danvers MA Residents petition for removal of fluoride from water in Topsfield                                                                                                         Aug 11

 Dover, Maine A politician comes out aqgainst fluoridation                                  Aug 4

 Eureka Springs, Arkansas Council opposes fluoridationlan                          Aug 4

Farmington continuied  Council discusses fluoridation of water                          Aug 4

Fayette County, Georgia lettew from thyroid sufferer                                        Sep 1

Fircrest, Washington

          People in Fircrest are asking the city to end fluoridation.              Jun 30

             Letters and long series of comments,                                                                    Aug 4.

            Council to vote on whether to end water fluoridation                                              Aug 11

 Fort Smith, Arkansas Fluoridation of City Water Expected                                            Sep 1

Gloucester MA Jul 04,:Gloucester seems to be another fluoridated city where fluoridation is being challenged.                                                                    Jun 30     

Hartford, Connecticut  June 11 A large town resisting an organised push for fluoridation                                                                                                        Jun 16

Healdsburg, San Francisco     

            June 2The decision on whether Healdsburg should end adding fluoride to the water supply will go to the voters in November                                                  Jun 9  

              The debate continues  ‘Save Our Smiles’ to write pro-fluoridation ballot Jul 28

 Illinois May 14 Dentists Blame Bottled Water for Low Fluoride Levels reaction from the well known alternative health adviser and purveyor. Dr Mercola             Jun 9

  Kalama Washington debating the mayor’s proposal to eliminate fluoride          Jun 30  


Battle over fluoride in water heats up                                                                 Jul  21  

            fluoridation will not be on the ballot in November                                    Sep 1

            Board of Selectmen  proposed warrant article  to removing fluoride       Aug 4

            Supportiong letter from Canada refers  Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada,    Aug 4


Meadville Pennsylvania

            will vote on the subject of water fluoridation                                            Jul 14

            Jul 12, Clean Water Meadville organises a petition-signing                      Jul  21

 Newburyport, Massachusetts, June 10  A small town campaign has started    Jun 16

 Oak Bluffs Massachusetts June 11 Another small town campaign .                 Jun 16

 Park Rapids Minnesota June 28, campaign here by a local dentist.  Leaflet, information   from the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology     Jun 30  

Phoenix, AZ  radio with Paul Connett–                                                              Aug 4

Rockport, Masachusetts selectmen hold off stand on fluoride                     Sep 1

Salina County, Kansas,

            Group presents petitions to place fluoridation on November ballot –                                                                                                              Aug 4

            To Consider Water Fluoridation Repeal                                                 Aug 11

San Francisco and East Bay water municipalities to add an infant formula fluorosis warning to annual water quality statements.                                                   Sep 1

                                                                                                                             Sharpsville, Pennsylvania, June 12, A one-person campaign by a ‘2009 graduate of Sharpsville High School who ‘works as a waitress’                                            Jun 16


       Clean Water Sheridan will file for a declaratory judgment and mandatory injunction                                                                                                          Jul 28

            Clean Water Sheridan asks City Council to delay fluoridation          Aug 11

             Sheridan Clean Water Sheridan won’t sue city, but continues efforts to stop fluoride                                                                                                    Sep 1

 Sweet Home, Albany, Oregon, The city will continue to add fluoride                 Jun 30

 Traverse City, Michigan

            June 13  The result is in doubt                                                               Jun 16

             June 26 voted 5 to 1 to continue fluoridation.                                       Jun 30

            Council has agreed to put decision on continuing fluoridation to a  public with elections in November                                                                                      Jun 30 

          “Fluoride Free in TC” want to force a vote to ban water fluoridation there, after Traverse City commissioners re-affirmed the practice                             Jul 21

 Valparaiso North West Indiana,  

            Committee formed to help determine whether fluoridation should continue .                                                                                                         Jul 21

            Members of the Valparaiso Fluoride Commission and Valparaiso City Utilities were pictured taking a tour of the Flint Lake Treatment Plant                    Jul 21

            A recommendation on whether the city should continue to fluoridate its drinking water will come in two to three weeks.                                                                 Jul 28

            Gary Foreman, media producer and documentary director responded to a subsequent editorial with a guest commentary Fluoridation’s time is ending.    Jul 21

         Commission voted 5-2 for Addition of fluoride                                Aug 11      

         City’s Utilities Board expected to vote in favour of continuing to fluoridate  Sep 1   

Fluorides contaminated –  Natural News Forensic Food Labs investigation– –Details of research and comments of lead researcher are  included under Resource–           Aug 4

. AAP continues to recommend fluoride for prevention of dental caries                 Sep 1

 FDA report reveals Colgate Total triclosan linked to cancer                           Sep 1





Banana shire, Queensland, May 12  Council advises the public that a fluoridation project has been completed with the financial assistance of the Queensland Government.                                                                                                      Jul 21

 Cabonne, New South Wales June 10.. where a  ‘community information session’ with only one side represented, means propaganda                                                 Jun 16

Hunter Valley, New South Wales  A campaign to fluoridate this part of New South Wales                                                                                                         Jun 30

Upper Hunter Shire Council  vote on fluoridating –                          Aug 4

            Town water supplies in the Upper Hunter Shire to be fluoridated in a few years’  time                                                                                      Aug 11



            Chief dentist calls for fluoridation to tackle kids’ tooth decay                  Aug 11

            Leading dentist says anti-fluoride beliefs were ludicrous                        Aug 11


 Oberon, New South Wales, May 26 Following strenuous Council have voted to leave the water alone.                                                                                  Jul 21

 Southern Downs ,Queensland   June 26 asking residents if they want their water supply                                                                                                                      Jun 30


National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) inviting public comment –                                                                                                                       Aug 4

 National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) — Call for evidence on the health effects of water fluoridation.                                                                   Aug 11


 New Zealand


Ashburton 29 Jun The effect of ending fluoridation in has shown that there have been no detrimental effects on dental health,                                                            Jun 30

Christchurch  June 29    ‘Lack of fluoride puts Christchurch kids at risk’        Jun 30


            May 26  Latest stage in the Hamilton saga , with an added twist               Jun 9

            A group of residents opposed to fluoridation have taken to tapping directly into the city’s bore supplies to stockpile untreated water .                                           Jun 9

            Fluoride will be put back into the city’s water network within a week after a bid by Safe Water Alternative New Zealand (SWANZ) failed in the Hamilton High Court.                                                                                                               Jun 30

            SWANZ Inc is surprised Justice Kos did not grant Interim Relief              Jun 30

 Hastings May Wellington  May 27 More opposition                                            Jun 9

 Kapiti Coast Anti-fluoride campaigner loses case                                     Jul  21  

 Marlborough More against fluoridation than for – poll–                                         Aug 4

            Nelson Council supports remits                                                          Jul  21  

 Palmerston June 4 More opposition                                                                  Jun 9


            June 13  Report from FAN-  Rotorua and Southland under attack      Jun 16

            June 23 Rotorua  set to become the country’s next fluoride battleground –Jun 30

            Council votes for referendum on fluoridation                                        Jul  21  

                  vote against a fluoridation referendum –                                            Aug 4




            Local body representatives want the central government to take the reins when it comes to fluoridating water supplies                                                               Jul 28

            Fluoride Free NZ: Open letter to Labour’s David Shearer                        Jul 28

Lumino supports central govt. responsibility for fluoridation –                               Aug 4

Deputy Director of the National Poisons Centre Is jurys still out regarding the safety of Fluoride–                                                                                                          Aug 4

Reactions to  proposal to dictate fluoridation centrally                                      Aug 4

 Secret panel claim in fluoride dispute                                                              Aug 11

”Authoritative report” fronted by Sir Peter Gluckman                                             Sep 1





Health Minister bans fluoridation                                                              Sep 1



July4 Ministry ‘solves’ fluoride problem: with  crushed cow bones                           Jul 7


 Dental expert urges  government to allow fluoride to be added to edible salt.                                                                                                                  Sep 1





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