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SOUTHAMPTON Council leader says Public Health England waiting for General Election to press ahead with fluoridation  Oct 20.

Public Health England plans to add fluoride to all our tap water.   Daily Mail August and  Daily Telegraph reporting in March 2014 Sep 8

A director for Public Health England (PHE) has said the adding of fluoride to the public water supply is now in the hands of local authorities., Sep 8

The position before the   October 4th meeting: (HAF Press release) (in full)Sep 8

The Southern Daily echo states, i.a., ‘it is hard not to be concerned over the arrogance of Public Health England.  Sep 8

The public debate will be held on Saturday, October 4,, Sep 8

A letter writer to the Andover Advertiser  asks: Is the link between fluoridation, the NHS and TTIP farfetched? , Sep 8

Council leader says Public Health England waiting for General Election to press ahead with fluoridation Oct 20

Fluoride plans for Southampton scrapped by Public Health England .Article in full Nov 3  

Solid support form the council leader followed: Nov 3

The BSPD  latest report on fluoridation Nov24

 Bedford The re-introduction of fluoride to Bedfordshire’s water supply was up for debate by councillors on Wednesday. an inconclusive report:  Oct 20

National A released by the British Oral Health Foundation states that ‘The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has released new guidelines’ Oct 27

‘Labour will make adding fluoride to tap water a priority if it wins power’ Andy Burnham,   Dec31   



Cork City Council at their latest meeting this past Tuesday evening passed by majority a motion calling for the immediate cessation of public water fluoridation in Ireland.

Extract from: Biased article with long list of comments, on the intended Council vote on fluoridation in Dublin. Sep 8 Two short worthwhile articles  Journalism and fluoridation in Ireland  Fluoride Free Water: Declam Weaugh’s website .Oct 27 ‘Fluoride free town’ in Ireland. Short news report, Video Dec31


   Amherst, New Hampshire Additional testing on all fluoride put into the town’s water supply rejected  Nov10  

Bennnington, Vermont

 Bennington Oral Health Coalition,to make the case before Select Board for fluoridating the town’s water. Dec15

Boyne City

Fluoride advocacy group won’t participate Sep 8

Boyne City voters to decide fluoride question Nov10

voted to keep fluoride in the water supply Nov10

The fluoride issue that was supposed to have been settled again the topic of heated debate .Nov17

Branson, Three Lakes, MO  City halts fluoridation Oct 27

Cincinatti Unique voting right to remove the chemical from their water supply Sep 1

Carolina: Fluoride intake threatens learning                  Sep 1

Cranbrook, California Report on local debate with extensive comments Nov 3

The referendum voted in favour. Fluoridation will continue.Nov17

Dallas  Major campaign aims to remove poison from public drinking water lead by Ivan Esteves starting in Dallas that votes in January..  Campain advert with Ed Begley jnr. Dec 8

Edmund, Oklahoma City chooses not to fluoridate its water supply Oct 27

Ford City, Pennsylvania:  town council  votes 5-0 to stop addingdluorideDec31

Fort Smith, Arkansas Fluoridation of City Water Expected                            Sep 1

Fayette County, Georgia letter from thyroid sufferer                   Sep 1

Gloucester, MA [see Rockport] Healdsburg  CA Healdsburg voters foreshadowing a bigger battle that could come at the county level over fluoridation.                                                                                Nov 3

Healdsburg voters support fluoride                                                         Nov10

Kalama, Washington The Kalama City Council in July put the issue on the Nov. 4 g Fluoride will stay in Kalama’s water. voters support continued use of fluoride  Nov10

Kalama City Council to abide by a Nov. 4 advisory vote,thatt favored retaining fluoride Dec 8

General election ballot. Report with links to a number of earlier episodes: Nov 3

Kennebunk, Maine  fluoridation will not be on ballot in November Sep 1  

            Knoxville, Tennessee. OLIVER  SPRINGS  will discontinue putting  chemical in its water to fluoridate                                                                                              Sep 1

Loveland, Colorado Discussion on whether to increase the level of fluoridation or discontinue it. Sep 8

Loveland residents, health representatives discuss research on effects of fluoridation , notes that the fluoridation plant has been inactive for two years Oct.13

The Loveland Utilities Commission approved the continued fluoridation of the city’s water   Nov17

City officialsl increase  fluorine added to  0.9 milligrams per liter, Dec15

with  a response from the Lovely County Citizen EDITOR: (in full) Dec15

Lovely County, Arkansa A citizen opposed to water fluoridation, asked the council to request help from the AC

Carroll County Citizens for Safe Drinking Water met to discuss ways to stop the fluoridation of water in Carroll and Boone counties early next year

LU to fight the state’s legislation on water fluoridation. Nov24

Madison, Wisconsin  Fluoridation Up For Debate In Wisconsin’s Capital CityNov17

Multnomah County, Oregon—County officials have decided to phase out a Fluoride tablets Report from Fluoride Action Network      Sep15

Newburyport, Massachusetts The Board of Health agreed Thursday to continue a public hearing on whether to keep fluoride in the city’s water supply,Nov17

A local paper report surveys the growing movement against fluoridation in Massachusetts Nov24

Newton County, Georgia Newton County has not begun fluoridating its water as required by state law Sep 8

Newton County Quorum Court opposing the state law mandating fluoride                                                                                  Nov10

and suggesting that fluoridation be voluntary according to the wishes of the individual water board.Dec 8  

New York Another version of the release published on #Pharmiweb’ PR Newswire FluorideGate Deepens with Release of 2000 Pages of FOIA Documents

Oct.13   Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard. Massachusetts Oak Bluffs board of health weighs ending fluoridation  A largely pro-fluoridation article here and report of the meeting itself Sep 8 . (Subscription)

Following a tempestuous public meeting he board of health took no action dding fluoride to the town water supply Oct.13

Oak Bluffs board of health to put the whether to continue adding fluoride to voters at April annual town meeting in the form of a non-binding resolution. Oct 20   

Oliver Springs, Tennessee Report from Fluoride Action Network    Sep15  

Ontario a bill to mandate fluoridation in Ontario.. Dec31

Bob Delany, MPP an embarrassment to Ontario: FAN comment Also video for additional background. Dec31

Rockport and Gloucester (MA) Selectmen hold off stand on fluoride            Sep 1

Rockport will have an opportunity to vote on a non-binding warrant article at Monday’s Fall Town Meeting, Sep 8

ROCKPORT —  Fall Town Meeting. calls for placing a referendum question on discontinuing  fluoridation. Sep15

The Cape Ann Fluoride Action Network (CAFAN) is working with Rockport and Gloucester governments to cease water fluoridation on Cape Ann.Dec15

Letter: Time to stop waving the fluoridation flag with  correspondence and comments including a to-and-fro debate with this letter writer and Mr Slott.  Dec15 

(resources Salina, Kansas Salina Cares, a group opposed to the fluoridation of Salina’s water, is sponsring a meeting Thursday on the topic Oct.13

S A powerful statement on individual freedom from ‘Salina Cares’ Oct 27

Salina dentists rally to halt anti-fluoride momentum  Nov10

San Francisco and East Bay water municipalities to add an infant formula fluorosis warning Sep 1 

efforts to stop fluoride                       Sep 1

Sheridan Campaign to end fluoridation in Sheridan. – article in the local Star and Tribune Casper, Wyoming, Editorial board: In defense of pro-fluoridation extremism , Sep 8

Sonoma, California This concise report headed Why We Changed Our Minds About Fluoridation is hy  Richard L. Shames MD & Karilee H. Shames PhD, RN Oct.13

See the Resources section for the full report Some sanity from the Anti-fluoridation Association of Mildura , Sep 8

Sonoma County supervisors on Tuesday approved a contract to complete a study on fluoridation of the county’s drinking water. Dec 8

Sonoma County health officials  buildi case for adding fluoride to public water supplies Dec 8

Santa Rosa NAACP (Sonoma)Opposes Water Fluoridation as Greater Risk for People of Color.   Resolution Opposing Fluoridation of Our Public Water Supply Dec 8

Making a Fluoridation Case,”  is simply weak or empty assertions’ Dec 8

South Schuylkill-County Officials divided on whether to add fluoride to the water supply. Sep 8

Topsfield  Massachusetts Town meeting on September 30th to decide whether to continiue fluoridation, Sep 8

Voters  appoint a five-member study committee to report to the next duly convened Annual Town Meeting on the subject of fluoridation of the Topsfield public water supply Oct.13 .

Valpairaiso,  North West Indiana, The city’s Utilities Board voted to send to the council its recommendation to continue fluoridation of the city’s water supply. Sep 8

Waynesville Missouri.  An ‘unnecessary’ process? Waynesville stops water fluoridation. fluoridation Oct.13

WILMINGTON, North Carolina-  A group of concerned residents  formed The Cape Fear Citizens for Safe Drinking Water to ask the CFPUA to remove fluoride from Wilmington area water Sep 29

Wisconsin The Madison Water Utility Board affirmed its support for keeping fluoride in the city’s water supply Tuesday night Nov 3


5TH Report from Fluoride Action Network      Citizens Conference on Fluoride was a success, Reports, Sep 8  and .Sep15

Is Fluoridation an Illegitimate Human Experiment? Concise release from nyscof in full Sep 8:

Former Centers for Disease Control Oral Health Manager Admits “There is a Lot of Uncertainty” Related to Kidney Patient Harm from Drinking Fluoridated Water’ as revealed by the ‘Fluoridegate’ papers at the FAN conference., Sep 8  

Blacks Suffer Most From Fluoride SECRET PAPERS REVEALED: Fluiorde Action Network  PRESS RELEASE HAS WIDE COVERAGE Oct 20

CDC Cover Up: Blacks are More Harmed by Fluoride. Government health authorities knew over 50 years ago , yet failed to warn the black community about their disproportionate risk, FAN PRESS RELEASE   Oct 20

AAP continues to recommend fluoride for prevention of dental caries                   Sep 1

FDA report reveals Colgate Total triclosan linked to cancer               Sep 1

Blacks Suffer Most From Fluoride SECRET PAPERS REVEALED: Fluoride Action Network  PRESS RELEASE HAS WIDE COVERAGE Oct 20

Two examples of coverage:  CDC Cover Up: Blacks are More Harmed by Fluoride Feds: Blacks Suffer Most From Fluoride, Fluoridate Anyway FAN PRESS RELEASE Government health authorities knew over 50 years ago that black Americans suffered greater harm from fluoridation, yet failed to warn the black community about their disproportionate risk, according to documents obtained by the Fluoride Action Network (FAN).Here is the full release: Oct 20  



BRAMPTON, Ont. – A woman has launched a lawsuit against the province of Ontario and Peel Region, challenging the constitutionality of adding fluoride to municipal drinking water. Sep 8

The latest on the legal action against fhe St George council, In full Sep 8

Calgary A survey of Calgary’s tooth decay rates will be completed in the spring. Dec15

CORNWALL, Ontario City council still can’t make up its mind on whether to add fluoride to our drinking water. Sep 8

Cranbrook  BC  Fluoridation to be put to a referendum this November.                            Sep 1

Ffluoride debate for themselves before November referendum.Oct 20

By-law to officially end the fluoridation of Sparwood’s water adopted. Also video  Dec31

Edmonton and Alberta is bulding building a huge sign on QE2 highway                        Sep 1

Halton. Resident to run for mayor   “guaranteed to vote  to remove the fluoride.”Sep15

The vote in Owen Sound on October 27th Oct 20.

The vote in Owen Sound on October 27th is about two things — who will form the next city council and if the City will stop fluoridating its drinking water Oct 20.

Local anti-fluoride advocates forced to stop disseminating material. Oct 27

Montreal La Prairie–a suburb on the South Shore of Montreal to end fluoridation after 42 years of adding fluoride to the drinking waterDec 8

Owen Sounds, Ontario  55% vote to retain fluoride. The campaigners who were forced to stop distributing leaflets lost this time: Nov 3

Peel City, Ontario  Woman goes to court over fluoridation

Peel Region of Ontario The councilor who has championed the ending of fluoridation successfully won his re-election campaign this week Nov 3

QUEEN’S PARK— Ontario MPPs passed a motion at Queen’s Park Thursday (Nov. 27) that endorses water fluoridation Nov24

The Ontario dental  establishment motion is  unlikely to affect  legal challenge. Nov24

Peterborough. Paul Connett, visit and biography                       Sep 1

Richmond, Quebec 76% of the residents voted to end the practice after three years of debate Nov 3

Prince George British Colunbia Health Authority enters the November 15th, non-binding “Say No to Fluoridation” referendum  Oct.13

Voters say no to fluoridation   Nov17

Short local news video: ‘fluoride is on its way out’ .Dec 8 

Some additional in formation, just befiore the vote  Dec15

Sparwood. Vancouver $1,000 offer to any resident or dentist to disprove any side effects of artificial water fluoridationDec31


A brave and extremely well documented, submission by a Canadian dental  hygienisrt to the national regulatory body. Oct 27


    Balina, New South Wales Ballina Shire Council and Rous Water spent almost half a million dollars defending the decision to fluoridate                                                          Nov10

Bananashire Banana Shire , a 500-signature petition calling for fluoridation of drinking water to cease presented at Council meeting Council meeting  Dec15

Clunes, New South mWales Dec 23 Major campaigns starts to halt the construction of four proposed dosing facilities Dec31

Southern Downs, Queensland FLUORIDE will no longer be added to the Warwick urban water supply after the council voted to stop the process at a dramatic meeting in Stanthorpe yesterday.Nov24

AUSTRALIA Clean Water for Life Foundation ( Australian Fluoride Action) Celebrity chef Pete Evans backs fluoride-free water campaignDec 8

Queensland Southern Downs Regional Council’s decision to cease water fluoridation, Dec31

Resources Australia  National

A legal opinion on the situaton nation-wide gives cause for some guarded optimism.Dec 8

Anti-Fluoride In Drinking Water: Litigation Update

Article by Meredith James Dec 8

Chef Pete Evans is in discussions with anti-fluoride group, Fluoride Free In full Dec15


Hastings Non-fluoridated drinking water fountain and bottle-filling station. Dec31 Thames Ward Binding referendum in 2015 to determine whether to continue to add fluoride Dec31


 An anti-fluoridation website ad has been removed after it was found to have “unjustifiably played on fear”. Sep 8

 NZ fluoridation report trashed by international reviewersSep15

Safe Water Alternative NZ Inc (SWANZ) has withdrawn its Judicial Review proceedings against the Hamilton City Council. Sep 8

Radio New Zealand reports reaction from the Council Sep 8

New Health Minister asked for moratorium on fluoridation Oct 20

NZ fluoridation report misleading:Fluoride Information Network for Dentis,   Dec 8

Academics question Dunedin study that cleared fluoride of adversely affecting IQ published in the New Zealand Medical Journal. Also Press Release: New Health New Zealand  Dec31

The. Consultation on Proposed Amendment to Regulations under the Medicines Act 1981Dec 8  

Judge Advises Circumventing Law on Fluoride: Fluoride Free New Zealand Media Release Fluoride Free New Zealand  Dec31 

Reaction to  s announcement from the Fluoride Free NZ Team, to say why fluoridation chemicals should NOT be granted a legal exemption under the Medicines Act.Dec15

Fluoride risks whitewashed in rushed Ministry of Health consultation:New Health NZ. Dec31 Submission made oin behalf of SWIS, Dec31      


Jewish Telegraph  comment on the decision. Sep 8

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