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Nov 26

The BDA is at it again:

‘Too many communities with high levels of dental disease are being deprived of fluoridation benefits’

The British Dental Association echoes concerns expressed by the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD) today (24 November) that limited access to water fluoridation – only 10 per cent of the UK’s population – means we are failing children who live in communities with high levels of tooth decay tooth decay.

The BSPD highlights in its latest report on fluoridation






Nov 28

A local paper report surveys the growing movement against fluoridation in Massachusetts

BOSTON — A public health program to fight tooth decay that dates to the end of World War II is increasingly controversial, as opponents of adding fluoride to the public drinking water step up efforts to end the practice in several Massachusetts communities.

At least 140 water systems in Massachusetts, reaching more than 4 million people,. Most have been doing so since the 1950s.But activists in some communities are fighting to end the practice, saying it causes potential health problems and raises constitutional issues.

In Rockport, voters will decide in the next election whether to continue putting fluoride in the town’s drinking water after anti-fluoride activists secured approval from selectmen and the state Legislature to put the question on the ballot.

In Newburyport, a group of residents is pushing the city’s Board of Health to ban the use of fluoride or let voters decide in the next election.Opponents to fluoride treatments in Gloucester, Topsfield, Cambridge and several other communities are plodding forward with similar proposals.


Lovely County, Arkansas

Nov 26

Another lone fighter in Arkansas.  As last week’s report states, continued fluoridation has been ‘given the nod’. It seems the council cannot, or does not want to make a decision.

Laura Coker, a citizen who is opposed to water fluoridation, asked the council to request help from the ACLU to fight the state’s legislation on water fluoridation.She said. “I’m offering the city the opportunity to request the assistance of the ACLU or any other appropriate legal agency to file for an injunction and to help fight the cause, which is that it is not lawful for the legislature to prescribe medication on a mass-imposed basis.” Alderman James DeVito said the council passed a resolution opposing fluoridation several months ago and that Coker needs to craft a new resolution.



Peel region, Ontario

Nov 28

The Ontario dental  establishment are cleasrly becoming anxious, but their motion is  unlikely to affect the importasnt legal challenge that is pending.

QUEEN’S PARK— Ontario MPPs passed a motion at Queen’s Park Thursday (Nov. 27) that endorses water fluoridation as a healthy and essential measure to minimizing tooth decay  Mississauga-Streetsville MPP Bob Delaney tabled the motion. Delaney referred to calls for an end to fluoridation as “egregiously stupid” and suggested advocates are proponents of “junk science”.

The motion got immediate negative reaction from organized opponents of fluoridation and Liesa Cianchino, the plaintiff who has taken the Region of Peel to court in an effort to stop the municipal water treatment practice.

Cianchino is chair of the Concerned Residents of Peel to End Fluoridation, founding member of the Worldwide Alliance to End Fluoridation and board member of Moms Against Fluoridation. She and the organizations believe artificial water fluoridation “is a serious health concern” and the region’s practice is both unconstitutional and illegal. “It’s high time that the region looked at the science and end this unsafe, unproven, unethical, unnatural and harmful practice,” Cianchino has said.




Southern Downs, Queensland

Nov 27

At last – a victory from Australia


FLUORIDE will no longer be added to the Warwick urban water supply after the council voted to stop the process at a dramatic meeting in Stanthorpe yesterday.

Members of the packed gallery cheered when a motion to stop the practice was carried.

Despite the recent survey recording a return rate far less than the required 50%, Councillor Vic Pennisi successfully moved that the practice of adding fluoride to the region’s water supplies be discontinued.

At present fluoride is added to the town water in Warwick, Stanthorpe, Allora and Yangan.

The controversial survey was only sent to water ratepayers in those towns, with some claiming they didn’t receive a survey.

Overall Warwick, Yangan and Allora returned only 25% of the surveys and Stanthorpe 31%.

“For me, the debate should have come down to three parts,” Cr Pennisi told the packed chamber.

“I’m not prepared to take the risk of future class action; not prepared to discriminate and not prepared to mass medicate.”

The motion easily passed, with councillors Mackenzie, Bartley, McNally, Gow and Rees also voting in favour.

A number of councillors admitted it was a mistake that the survey, which cost Southern Downs Regional Council $10,000, was only deemed valid if it had a return rate of 50%.

Cr Gow said the statistics painted an obvious picture. “We made a mistake with the survey ceiling – but the results are clear,” he said.

The Stanthorpe gallery was overflowing with members of Stanthorpe’s Save Our Shires Action Group yesterday.

A brief adjournment was even called after one passionate audience member continued to interrupt the meeting.

It was a momentous occasion for SOSAG, who submitted a petition to stop water fluoridation to the council in March.  “It’s been a long time, but worth it,” member Bob Johnson said.

Following the decision, a motion was carried that the council would write to Health Minister Lawrence Springborg, suggesting the State Government reinvests in providing alternative fluoridation methods.

The council will stop the water fluoridation process once three months’ public notice has been given.

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