1. It does not work

The largest independent studies have found no statistically significant evidence that fluoride added to the water supply reduces the incidence of dental decay..Almost all claims of its effectiveness have been flawed by statistical errors, the bias of investigators, the lack of controls or the use of untypical age groups.

2. It is not safe

Fluoride used in water fluoridation schemes is usually hydrofluorosilicic acid, also called fluosilicic acid or sodium hexafluorosilicate, which has never ben approved for human consuption in the UK or the US. It has never been proved safe or approved officially as either a nutrient or a medication. Since schemes were first started, evidence has built up of the dangers of fluoridation. Government and health authorities have refused to investigate health problems, but an extremely authoritative US study by the Centre for Disease Control has highlighted areas of concern including: thyroid function, intelligence levels, hip fractures, some cancers in addition to the damage to teeth caused by ‘dental fluorosis’ affecting 30% of the fluoridated population

3. It is completely unethical

Introducing a substance into the body with the intention of traeating a condition (in this case, dental caries) is an acceptable definition of medication. Medicating anyone against their will is illegal. Fluoridation means medicating with a drug in uncontrolled quantities, whether or not there can be any possible benfit, and without any way of avoiding it.

4. It is unwanted and probably illegal

Public opinion in the U.K.,when informed and tested without leading questions, continually rejects fluoridation. A recent poll carried out in Southampton as part of the consultation process for a new fluoridation proposal showed 72% against – but the proposers pressed ahead anyway. The scheme failed only because its Strategic Health Authority promoters were abolished in April 2013.

Evidence is now available of the origins of fluoridation as a public relations exercise to deflect calls for damages from industrial and military sources of fluoride in the US and a former BBC journalist has exposed the whole story in his 2004 book. The Fluoride Deception