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1  The Central Bedfordshire Council page shows that some parts of Bedfordshire – not Bedford town – are currently still fluoridated.

2  National Pre-natal fluoride exposure and IQ study, in Environmental Health Perspectives,

2.1       Newsweek article

2.2       Readers Digest article

2.3       Press release issued by the ADA and comments

2.4       FAN Comment

2.5       Link to VIDEO: Paul Connett’s comment (3 min.)

Commentaries  from established campaigners on the article published in Environmental Health Perspectives  titled “Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 and 6-12 Years in Mexico

2.6 Four Questions’ From Health News Review’and comment

2.7  Jack Crowther. spells out how one of the “10 great public health achievements of the 20th century” is undermined by this recent study.

2.8 Expanding on toxicity, is the Lund Report article by Rick North

2.9  A comment on the Lund report, from Richard Sauerheber, together with a classic S Slott reply to R North

3:fluoride Warnings Issued by International Group of Dentists

The IAOMT raise awareness of the health risks associated with fluoride and publicly release their new fluoride position paper. The IAOMT is an organization of over 800 dentists, physicians, and research professionals in more than 14 countries

THE International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) press release can also be seen here: Heading: Fluoride Warnings Issued by International Group of Dentists


4 FAN Conference reports: New Video:

First video from the conference. ” Paul Connett, PhD took a few minutes during his presentation to expose pro-fluoridation quackery and propaganda.  (Link to video)

5 Global Sodium Fluorosilicate Industry Trends and Forecast Analysis till 2021


6 Article headed’ Should dentists continue to use fluoride?’ in ’Multi briefs’ ‘

Comprehensive article on fluoridation from Dr mercola’s site. Main Headings:

Fluoride = Health: How Did We Get Here?

The Beginning of Water Fluoridation

Fluoride May Be in More than Just Your Drinking Water

Common Misconceptions about Water Fluoridation

The Effects of Fluoride on Your Body

Fluorosis: Are Your Children Affected?

Caution: Fluoride Is Extremely Harmful for Infants

The Bottom Line about Fluoride in Your Drinking Water

Landmark Lawsuit against EPA Seeks to End Fluoridation in US

8  ‘Just thought you’d like to know’ department



International News

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 U .S

Albuquerque NM   Fluoride added again

Amawalk N.Y. Equipment problems halted water fluoridation

Buda, Texas Council candidates agree fluoridation was an “unnecessary” cost to the city,

Chapel Hill, NC.Thirteen people speak against adding fluoride to the water supply—

Letter from campaigner Linda Camino

Meadville PA Water Authority will seek official approval to add fluoridation equipment Letter from Chris Knapp linking dentists to opiod drug addiction

Ormond Beach, Florida City Commissioner asks suppliers for material safety data sheet

Port Angeles WA prepares for ballot

Continued move to revert back to a second-class city by anti-fluoride campaigner

Potsdam, New York public comment on whether to continue fluori dating

Rugby, ND A motion to repeal a 1958 ordinance mandating adding to fluoride

Sulphur, LA Not everyone is happy the City  re-introduced Fluoride

Westchester NY will no longer add fluoride to its drinking water


Calgary More from those who won’t take NO for an answer

How a misleading headline affects the truth

Tooth decay rates did not increase faster after fluoridation stopped in Calgary:                               Commentary

FAN release

Article by L Corbella in Calgary Herald

Letter in Calgary Herald Robert C. Dickson medical doctor supports Corbella Moncton NB Council voted keep fluoride out of the region’s water supply

Owen Sound, Ontario petition for ballot question to about removing fluoride


Bega, New South Wales Council to wash its hands of the water fluoridation debate Gunnedah, New South Wales considering whether or not to add fluoride

Poll and results

New Zealand

 Press release from FFNZ on the Environmental Health Perspectives study and rejecting  the claim  that it is ‘ poorly researched’ showing a 


International News

Albuquerque NM

Sep 20

Fluoride again will be added to Albuquerque’s water supply.  Water utility board members voted 5-2 Wednesday to approve a $250,000 appropriation that will allow the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority to buy the equipment needed to resume supplemental drinking-water fluoridation, which the utility halted in 2011.

The decision followed nearly an hour of passionate pleas by both opponents and supporters of fluoridation similar to comments expressed at two earlier public hearings on the issue.

……Opponents cite a variety of concerns, from health problems to human rights concerns. One speaker said fluoridation aggravates her thyroid problems.…Utility officials estimate they can resume supplemental fluoridation in six to eight months.




Amawalk N.Y.

Oct 11

A news item without a single word questioning the great loss to the poor children’s teeth

– A four-year-old mechanical issue has shut down Yorktown’s supply of fluoridated drinking water.   Equipment problems halted water fluoridation last week and were expected to keep the cavity-fighting chemical out of the water supply until early 2019, the Northern Westchester Joint Water Works said in a statement…



Buda, Texas

Oct 17

… Fallon, Beach and Daugereau, candidates vying for a pair of Buda city council seats … in Monday’s forum held at City Hall.… agreed that fluoridation was an “unnecessary” cost to the city, while Montoya remained neutral on the subject. … Election Day is Nov. 7.



Chapel Hill,NC

Oct 4

…Tthirteen people stood before the Orange Water and Sewer Authority Thursday night to speak against adding fluoride to the water supply— in some ways a lost cause, given that the board made its decision on the matter more than six months ago. No one spoke for fluoridation, although the board has received comments touting the practice as a low-cost, low-risk way to prevent tooth decay among the masses.  According to its website, OWASA uses a compound called hydrofluorosilicic acid that it buys from the Unimin Corp. in Bakersville, North Carolina, for about $25,000 per year and dilutes.

… Speakers last week lined up to tell OWASA officials they did not have their permission to medicate them…. https://www.indyweek.com/indyweek/owasa-will-soon-reintroduce-fluoride-into-its-water-supply-critics-say-the-authority-is-unethically-acting-without-their-informed-consent/Content?oid=8513403

Oct 6

A letter to the local Herald Sun allows a final word to campaigner Linda  Canino

I wonder how many like myself feel frustrated regarding the ineffectual protest of adding medication to our drinking/bathing water without our consent?

Fluoridated toothpaste warnings read “Do no swallow” for good reason! Especially since our water companies are not even adding fluoride but hydrofluorosilicic acid, a known carcinogen, into our water supply.

HFSA’s silicofluorides are not pharmaceutical grade substances but inject 0.078 micrograms of arsenic per liter into our drinking water. The EPA has set the Maximum Contaminant Level Goal for arsenic of ZERO because of arsenic’s known ability to cause cancer in humans.

There are alternatives – pharmaceutical- grade sodium fluorise delivers at least 100-fold lower levels of arsenic than HFSA when water authorities choose to adjust their water supply to contain about 0.7 milligrams per liter of fluoride. Although OWASA has opened the floor to citizens to state their reasons for anti-fluoridation, neither the scientific evidence presented nor our protest of having our water supply medicated without our consent has affected their stance.

In refusing to listen and take action, they have violated the Appearance of Fairness Doctrine accepted by most municipal governments. Ample recent research corroborates the conclusion that water fluoridation is injurious to public health. One can simply go online or contact any of the local anti-fluoride groups to find a wealth of information. Experts in the field have come to the unequivocal conclusion based on biomedical evidence that swallowing fluorides is dangerous to the health of consumers and that the ingestion of fluoride is disease-causing rather than disease-preventing. Our local population is being subjugated to low grade poisoning. And while some of us purchase alternatives to tap water, low-income communities of color and the underserved are being disproportionately harmed by these fluorides because they rely solely on municipal water sources.

Fluoride does not need to be added to our water. Cities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia who have rejected water fluoridation have experienced the same decline in tooth decay as fluoridated cities. The City Council members of Cotati, California, who had serious concerns about the long-term health aspects of fluoride ingestion and knowing that there were other ways of delivering fluoride like toothpastes, gels and varnishes, let the people decide for themselves and for their children what health choices to make. Our community needs to take back our decision–making power to advocate for ourselves regarding the discontinuation of the outdated and scientifically disproven practice of fluoridation, and especially the non-pharmaceutical grade product to which we are being subjected.

Linda Canino, Chapel Hill



Meadville PA

Sep 21

As early as next week, Meadville Area Water Authority will seek official approval to add fluoridation equipment, according to Tom Thompson of Gannett Fleming, MAWA’s consulting engineer.

“That’s what our goal is,” Thompson said following Wednesday’s MAWA board meeting.

The equipment design for fluoridation has been completed, Thompson told the board.

Although the board voted in June to fluoridate the water supplied by the authority to its customers, it must still seek a permit to do so from the state Department of Environmental Protection. At the time of the board’s controversial 3-2 vote in favor of fluoridation, Ted Watts, the authority’s attorney, said that the permit approval process will involve additional public hearings.

Meadville Tribune’s React to this story:

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You reacted: angry!

From a letter, with a new criticism of dentists

…low levels of fluoride exposure during pregnancy are linked to significantly reduced IQ in children, according to a study published on Sept. 19 in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives….

4 out of 5 drug addictions (opioids) start with a prescription from a health care professional. In the case of wisdom tooth extraction, dentists are responsible for 12 percent of prescriptions for fast-acting opioids such as Vicodin and Percocet. This ranks third among all health care professionals.

.. we have heard from a vocal local dentist, that compassion for children is his motivation for imposing public water fluoridation for all. A recent article in the Journal of the American Dental Association quotes this dentist as saying that public water fluoridation was a goal of his before he retired. Just like opioids we must look at the most recent research and not rely on emotions and what appears to be a family legacy.

How can you justify adding a known neurotoxin (with a very limited if any benefit) to the water supply if you are impairing the mental development of our children?

CHRIS KNAPP, Meadville

Oct 19

The flow of bureaucracy continues to trickle forward as the Meadville Area Water Authority inches closer to fluoridating the water it provides to consumers.

MAWA will soon complete its application to the state Department of Environmental Protection to install fluoridation equipment, consulting engineer Thomas Thompson told the authority’s board Wednesday


Ormond Beach, Florida

Sep 26

This year, the City of Ormond Beach received no bids for hydrofluosilicic acid, a chemical used to fluoridate city water supplies.

City Commissioner Troy Kent said this is the first time this has happened in his 14 years of service. He spoke out against the consent item during last week’s City Commission meeting on Sept. 19, and urged the rest of the commissioners to think about whether or not water fluoridation should remain an ordinance in the City code. …“It was amazing to me that there were no bids, which is why I’m saying we need to change the ordinance in Ormond because right now it makes us do that,” Kent said. “But if there’s no bids for it, listen, don’t add the stuff to the water.”

… His concerns regarding fluoride began about seven years ago, prompting him to write a letter to Harcros, the chemical supplier for the city’s supply of hydrofluosilicic acid, asking to see the material safety data sheet on the chemical. His letter was never answered. Kent also sent the same letter to the 47 other chemical suppliers in the U.S.

None of them responded.

At the City Commission meeting, Kent called fluoride a “medicine at best, and a poison at worst,” and raised the question of whether or not city water supplies should be a means to medicate people. Kent’s answer is no.,,,


Port Angeles WA

Oct 11

— Arguments for and against fluoridation were aired Tuesday at a general election forum as city voters prepare to cast advisory ballots Nov. 7 on whether Port Angeles public works should resume adding fluorosilicic acid to the municipal water supply….

The ballot is advisory,…on the seven Port Angeles City Council members, who in August 2016 stopped fluoridating the water in the face of consistent opposition to the practic…

In August, council members voted to accept the advisory vote as binding.


Oct 18

The campaign for Port Angeles to revert back to a second-class city has been fueled with misinformation, David Mabrey said. Mabrey …challenged most claims made by Edna Willadsen, an Our Water, Our Choice! organizer and a Proposition 1 proponent at the forum before the Port Angeles Business Association.

Willadsen said the main purpose for the proposition is to lower taxes and that it has nothing to do with fluoridation, despite the proposition being spearheaded by the anti-fluoridation group and promoted as a way to replace the city council



Potsdam, New York

Oct 3

Village trustees held a public hearing Monday to receive public comment on whether to continue fluoridating the village’s water.

…The trustees are currently researching whether to continue fluoridating water at the water treatment plant, as the equipment is aging and needs either to be replaced or removed. The village currently has a grant from the state to study the cost of replacing the equipment, so if it decides to end fluoridation, it would have to return the money



Rugby, ND

October 6,

A motion to pass the second reading of an ordinance that would repeal a 1958 ordinance mandating adding to fluoride to Rugby water during the treatment process was made Monday evening at a Rugby City Council meeting.

The motion died for lack of a second, and the second reading was tabled after for further study.

… A letter had been shared in council packets from Daniel B. Strader, a Dallas, Texas-based dentist who wrote to the Dallas City Council when water fluoridation came to a vote there. Strader wrote that fluoridated water caused fluorosis (white and brown spots) in 40 percent of Dallas children; causes teeth and bones to become brittle; is not beneficial to adults; competes with iodine in the thyroid; and lowers children’s IQ by seven points.

Lotvedt said the North Dakota cities of Rolette and Oakes do not fluoridate their water. …

“This is an archaic ordinance,” Lotvedt said of the 1958 ordinance…



Sulphur, LA

Oct 17

Nowhere in this news item ( video link included) is there any word from someone ‘not happy about it’

There’s something different in the Sulphur City Water supply and not everyone is happy about it….The City just re-introduced Fluoride into its system today, to meet a state requirement….The city, along with every other public water system in the state, is required to have fluoride in the water due to the 2008 Louisiana Community Water Fluoridation Act


Westchester NY

Oct 17

Yorktown and Somers residents were notified earlier this month that the Northern Westchester Joint Water Works (NWJWW) will no longer add fluoride to its drinking water produced at the Amawalk Water Treatment Facility…






Sep 25

More from those who won’t take NO for an answer

A group of citizens who support adding fluoride to Calgary’s drinking water are urging voters to elect candidates who will work to reinstate fluoridation.

Scroll down to read responses from three of the mayoral candidates

Members of the pro-fluoridation group Calgarians for Kids’ Health are gathering in the city’s northwest on Monday to discuss the topic,,,


Oct 9

How a misleading headline affects the truth

Most Calgary municipal candidates want fluoride back in water: Health group

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to say most Calgary municipal candidates who have declared a position favour flouride.

The majority of city council candidates who have declared a position favor fluoridation of water, said new information released by Calgarians for Kids’ Health.

The grassroots group said the result of extensive polling of candidates before and after the campaign show 64 per cent of those who responded would like to see fluoride back in Calgary water….

All comments were anti-fluoride;including this very appropriate point:

David Green

Perhaps it would be a good idea to update the headline as well to reflect what is referred to in the Editor’s note.



Oct 11

A report Measuring the short-term impact of fluoridation cessation on dental caries in Grade 2 children using tooth surface indices, by McLaren et al had shortcomings in study design and interpretation of results, and did not include important pertinent data.

Authoritative confirmation that the widely quoted report used to support reintroduction in Calgary, is based on a lie. – Click here for Reports and resources  section – see item 2

This should not be news to SWIS readers: see Articles in both the Reports and Resources and the News sections of the February 2016 edition:

Owen Sound, Ontario

Sep 18

A petition is circulating to add a question to the 2018 municipal election ballot about removing fluoride from Owen Sound’s water supply is garnering momentum.

Oliver Hartan, spokesperson for Fluoridation Free Owen Sound (FFOS), says the group already has more than 1,000 signatures supporting its appeal to the city to pose the question on the 2018 election ballot: “are you in favour of the discontinuance of the fluoridation of the public water supply of this municipality?”  Hartan says, “the petition is really just asking City Hall to give Owen Sound residents a chance to vote on whether or not they want fluoride in their drinking water.”

According to a city staff report to the Operations Committee, a question pertaining to fluoridation can only be placed on the municipal election ballot through a by-law passed by Council or a petition of registered electors that meets certain criteria….According to the Fluoridation Act, only a referendum can lead to fluoride being removed from a public water system.

Fluoridation Free Owen Sound has … its website. (www.ffos.ca)


Moncton NB

Sep 18

Moncton City Council voted on Monday to maintain the status quo and keep fluoride out of the region’s water supply — unless directed to do so by the federal or provincial governments.

Despite pleas from dentists to restore fluoride to the water supply in Moncton, N.B., the decision was made by a vote of six to three.

While federal and provincial governments set guidelines for fluoridation, the decision to use fluoride is left up to municipalities.  Moncton ended fluoride use in 2011.

Before Monday night’s vote, Councillor Shawn Crossman had said he would vote against restoring fluorine to the water.  He told The Canadian Press that he had spent the last seven months reading studies and listening to the public, and hasn’t seen any evidence to prove that fluoride prevents tooth decay. “There’s nothing there that says fluoride is stopping tooth decay, absolutely nothing,” he said.

Big cities including Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Halifax and Winnipeg fluoridate. Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver don’t, along with Waterloo and Windsor in southern Ontario.



Bega, New South Wales

Sep 19

Council looks likely to wash its hands of the water fluoridation debate when it meets this week.

As per recommendations in Wednesday’s meeting agenda, it is believed councillors will refer the decision on whether to fluoridate Bega Valley water supplies to NSW Health.

However, by doing so council will, in effect, be giving the go ahead to fluoridate as the state government department has been strongly encouraging BVSC to fluoridate two of its four supplies.

…The fluoridation question has been the source of much concern by the community and there has been a concerted effort by anti-fluoride campaigners during the public submission period.  Council received a total of 332 valid submissions and of these 86 per cent were against fluoridation…

Rob Slazenger, of Bermagui, said ratepayers and residents had clearly indicated they did not wish to undergo municipal water fluoridation. “Petitions, online polls, media reaction and community feedback heavily favour blocking fluoridation. Currently there is around 90 per cent solid opposition to water fluoridation in the Bermagui area,” Mr Slazenger claimed..

.. http://www.begadistrictnews.com.au/story/4938047/fluoridation-vote-deferred-as-opponents-make-fresh-plea/on

And  http://www.begadistrictnews.com.au/story/4932098/bega-councils-water-fluoridation-referral-raises-ire/?cs=12

Oct 2

Published but no access

Fluoride exposure and indicators of thyroid functioning in the Canadian population

UQ eSpace – University of Queensland

Fluoride exposure and indicators of thyroid functioning in the Canadian population: implications for community water fluoridation. Barberio, Amanda …

Gunnedah,New South Wales

Oct 17

The fluoride debate is back on the agenda with Gunnedah Shire Council once again considering whether or not to add fluoride to the shire’s water supply.

At its monthly meeting held at the Kelvin town hall on Wednesday night, council heard the NSW Department of Health had put forward a motion to consult with the community about water fluoridation.

Gunnedah is one of the last remaining areas in the state that doesn’t have fluoride added in the town’s water supply, with the controversial issue last rearing its head in 2014-15.

A poll was included with these leading questions

Should council add fluoride to the shire’s water supply?

Absolutely, I can’t believe it’s not in there already.
No way, keep it out of the water.
We need more information.

The results checked on October 25th were: Yes ( ‘absolutely’) 36%. NO (keep it  out)61%

New Zealand

from FFNZ Sep 21

Hi all,

Please read the press release just sent. This is big news so please take action.

We need people to ring the radio stations and other media outlets to ask them to get this on the news. Pregnant women should be be sent an urgent warning not to drink fluoridated tap water.

From there we need to lobby the councils that are fluoridating – calling for a moratorium to be implemented now. Continuing with fluoridation is totally unacceptable.

Councils, right now, are the people responsible for the decision to fluoridate or not. They can easily call a moratorium citing the Precautionary Principle. They can back this up with the fact that legislation has been going through Parliament to remove them from the decision making, as Government has deemed them not to have the expertise. (If they don’t have the expertise then they shouldn’t be doing it). If this goes to the DHBs – then the DHBs can make the decision to restart it if they choose. Of course, we then need to get the information to the Government (whoever that may be) that the Bill should be dropped.

Please pass the press release on to your local newspaper, radio station, local MP, councillors and health professionals – the more people who contact them, the more they will take notice.

(on behalf of the Fluoride Free NZ team)

Sep 28

A few last words

A recently published US study finding that women who drink fluoridated water have lower IQ babies is being panned by a Bay of Plenty Medical Officer of Health Dr Neil de Wet, while being promoted by fluoride opponents.

Fluoride Free New Zealand says the results mean the 23 New Zealand councils that still fluoridate drinking water should stop using it immediately in order to protect the brains of the unborn.

Dr Neil de Wet says the study referred to is poor quality, has limited scientific value and is largely irrelevant to understanding issues regarding safety and effectiveness of water fluoridation.

“The safety of water fluoridation has been rigorously assessed many times over the last 60 years.  There is a very strong scientific consensus and body of evidence that water fluoridation is safe and effective,” says Neil.

“It is very unlikely that the Bashash paper will withstand scientific scrutiny or make any meaningful contribution to this scientific understanding of the safety of water fluoridation.”

The study published on Tuesday in the US Government’s Environmental Health Perspectives finds that children born to mothers exposed to fluoride while pregnant, have significantly lower IQ scores.

This is particularly relevant to New Zealand where half of the population is currently subjected to fluoridation, says Fluoride Free New Zealand National Coordinator and Media Spokesperson, Mary Byrne.

Slamming Neil de Wet’s comment that the study is “poor quality”, Mary says the study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives, a monthly peer-reviewed journal of research and news published with support from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The study was conducted by a team of scientists from University of Toronto, University of Michigan, McGill University, Indiana University, Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Harvard School of Public Health, by a group of researchers who have produced over 50 papers on the cognitive health of children in relationship to environmental exposures.

It was funded by the US Government’s National Institute of Health and was a multi-million dollar study.  This was the group’s first study of fluoride – their other studies mostly dealing with lead, mercury and other environmental neurotoxins.

This study offers confirmation of previous studies in Mexico, China and elsewhere, says Mary.  Some of those studies had higher fluoride exposures than are commonly found in fluoridating countries, but many did not.

The sole study in a country with artificial water fluoridation is by Dunedin dentist Jonathan Broadbent. “That study found no association between water fluoridation and IQ and was trumpeted by fluoridation defenders,” says Mary. “But that study was shown to have almost no difference in total fluoride intake between the children with fluoridated water and those with non-fluoridated water, since at least half of the children in the non-fluoridated area were given fluoride supplements.

“This left only a small proportion of the study children without substantial fluoride exposure. Nor did this study look at maternal fluoride exposure during pregnancy, which could be the most vulnerable time of exposure.”

Neil also recommends the Broadbent study as a ‘recent high quality study by the University of Otago’ which has provided strong evidence that water fluoridation in New Zealand does not have an adverse effect on IQ. (Broadbent, et al 2015 www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24832151)

The Ministry of Health recommended 1ppm until the 1990s when it reduced to a range from 0.7ppm to 1ppm, with a target of 1ppm. The US Human and Health Services have directed a maximum of 0.7ppm for fluoridation.

The paper also reports that in the USA, which is 70 per cent fluoridated, urine fluoride ranges from about 0.5 to 1.5 mg/L which fully overlaps the range found in the Mexican study.

“The child of a mother who was drinking water with 0.85ppm fluoride would be predicted to have 5 IQ lower IQ points than if the mother had drunk water with close to zero fluoride in it. This obviously has huge consequences for New Zealand children,” says Mary.

“Pregnant women in New Zealand in fluoridated areas likely have similar levels of urine fluoride as those in the Mexican study. Urine fluoride reflects total fluoride intake from all sources, not just fluoridated water.

“The study authors are cautious in their conclusions, as is common for scientists. But the implications of this study are enormous. There have been 58 other human studies looking at fluoride exposure and harm to the brain – 51 of them have found an association.”