March 2017

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  1. The legal position to the response by the EPA to the petition petition., raising    interesting questions.  See March resources 1 The full EPA reply and the FAN response is available in February resources
  2. Fluoride and diabetes : Report from Emmax health. Quotes research showing that supplemental water fluoridation was significantly associated with increases in diabetes and explains that ‘type 2 Diabetes is a Liver Issue And Fluoride Is Stored In The Liver’
  3. Letter from Melissa Thrower to the Arab, Alabama paper, explaining to the city how the chemicals in fluoridation are harming her, members of her family and others in our community. and the reaction of the council.
  4. Brantford, Ontario was the first city in Canada to fluoridate its water. With a new $200,000 fluoridation system being considered, this writer  says ‘maybe it’s time to rethink the whole fluoridation thing’.
  5. National assessment of fluoridation  Colorado ‘researchers’ showing how to create impressive results, from unproven assumptions, including a rehash of the $30 back for $1 spent’ claim.
  6. Report on New Zealand interview including Paul Connett and link to video.



Anchorage, Alaska

Feb 24

Earlier this year the Anchorage Assembly nixed a ballot initiative to cease fluoridating its water supply.

Despite setbacks, activists there vow to keep the effort alive.

Juneau grappled with the question over fluoridation a decade ago and people’s views remain the same today as they were 10 years ago.

… Bruce Botelho was Juneau’s mayor at the time.“The long and short is the panel was divided 3-to-3,” Botelho said. Faced with that impasse, the Juneau Assembly voted to keep fluoride out of the water.

…The American Dental Association bankrolled a ballot initiative to overturn the Assembly’s decision.The Juneau Empire reported what it described as a “stunning amount of campaign spending” by the national group which bought TV and radio spots.

..D espite dentist groups greatly outspending critics of the pro-fluoride initiative, more than 60 percent of voters rejected fluoridation. “They spent like $150,000 and we spent $7,000,” David Ottoson recalled, a ocal member of the grassroots anti-fluoride group at the time. “I still thought the money wasn’t going to win in this case and it didn’t.”

…Brad Whistler ( dentist) said “ far as having hard data to measure that there’s been a change, we didn’t even have base line data on these communities to even know what it was prior to going off fluoridation let alone having the ability to go in each year and assess if there were changes in dental decay,” …The issue in Juneau seems decided — at least for now. …Since Juneau dropped fluoride, the cities of Fairbanks and Palmer have followed suit. And activists in Anchorage continue to push for Alaska’s largest city to cease water fluoridation.


Feb 24

James L. White, associate editor, writes in  the Harrison Daily Times;

… Senate Bill 299 and would require a water system to ask customers if they want fluoride in their water or not and do so at an election.

In 2011, the legislature passed Act 197 that required fluoridation of water in systems serving more than 5,000 customers. Secure Arkansas and other groups opposed it … Since then, some water systems have been fighting fluoridation for health and financial reasons…This particular bill seems to make the most sense, which is why it probably won’t make it through the committee.


Clark County, Nevada

Clark County is the only county in Nevada required to add fluoride to its water supply but that could change soon.

… Assemblywoman Joiner and Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle are sponsoring AB193. The bill would require all counties with a population of more than 100,000 to fluoridate water. The current law applies to counties with 700,000 or more which is specifically Clark County

. …. The Truckee Meadows Water Authority says it does not take a stance on the health factors but has an issue with the cost of implementation as well as the lack of a vote from its customers. …

Frischeisen, .. uses toothpaste with an alternative to fluoride and says it is one of the reasons he is so healthy.””If people leading or following the advice of their dentist then go ahead, but don’t put this into our water supply.” He and others spoke at Tuesday’s hearing to share their concerns. …”

Tuesday’s hearing was just about policy with Natural Resources, Agriculture and Mining. The bill will go to a separate committee to discuss fiscal impacts such as community health savings versus implementation costs.

Washoe County voters rejected a measure in 2002 that would have added fluoride to the water supply. …

Also Audio link:

 Carrboro,North Carolina

Mar 11

OWASA will continue later this year adding fluoride to the drinking water in Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

The nonprofit Orange Water and Sewer Authority took another look at its use of fluoride after human error and an equipment malfunction on Feb. 2 increased the amount being added to the water at the Jones Ferry Road Water Treatment Plant. ……OWASA’s Board of Directors discussed the use of fluoride and received more than 40 public comments before making a decision Thursday, officials said in a news release.

…“OWASA will continue to monitor scientific developments, best practices and recommendations regarding fluoridation,” the release stated.
Read more here:

Durango, Colorado

March 3

Some idea of the effort to infrorm residents, that was ultimately unsuccessful ( see April News)  Clean Water Durango presented  three lectures, free and open to all, about the dangers of water fluoridation as part of its “Vote It Out” campaign.

Biochemist Steve Ottersberg and cancer specialist Dr. Nasha Winters will speak about the health risks and epigenetic effects associated with drinking fluoridated water.

An Interactive Panel Discussion with Health care professionals and FLC professors will discuss water fluoridation and the upcoming vote

“Impacts of Water Fluoridation on Humans and Animals” how fluoridated city water caused the deaths of  eight horses and two dogs, and  a presentation about the factors that lead to tooth decay


Parsons City, Kansas

 February 20

The city of Parsons will apply for a grant that would help restart fluoridation of the public water supply.

On Monday evening Parsons city commissioners approved the application for a grant from the National Association of County and City Health Officials to be used to re-introduce a fluoride program at the water treatment plant after an absence of about four years.

The grant application was approved on a 4-1 vote, with Commissioner Aaron Keith Stewart voting against it.

If NACCHO approves the city’s grant application, commissioners will have to vote later to approve the grant and to reinstitute the fluoridation program.

Mayor Tom Shaw said he knows there are very strong feelings for and against water fluoridation, but 74 percent of the nation’s communities add fluoride to their water to promote healthier teeth and local dentists support it.

Commissioner Jeff Perez said the public still can weigh in on the issue, even if the grant is approved.

A decision on the grant is expected in April, and the city would have to bid out the project by June 30 if approved.

The city discontinued the decades-long practice of adding fluoride at the water treatment plant in 2013 because of corrosion in piping at the point where  fluoride and caustic soda were added. …..

Stewart said after the meeting he is not in favor of adding fluoride to the water at this point for a number of reasons, particularly because he would like more data and research to study. Nationally there is plenty of information about water fluoridation, but Stewart said there is no local data available, not even from dentists.

Also, Stewart visited the water treatment plant and witnessed the toxicity of the fluoride chemicals eating through a container. After seeing that and knowing the corrosion the fluoride caused to piping at the plant, he has some reservations….

March 3

A group of local dentists and a state health official will meet with city commissioners on Monday to discuss the proposed restart of the water fluoridation program.

The commission’s agenda for the regular meeting includes a presentation by Drs. John Siebrasse, Barry Heavrin, Justin Ebersole, Joe Wommack and Ron Findley. The dentists plan to be joined by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s Pam Smith, who will answer questions regarding fluoride.

…The dentists and KDHE official will speak in favor of re-introducing the fluoridation program on Monday. In the past, a few Parsons residents have spoken against the proposal, saying added fluoride in the water causes health problems and amounts to involuntarily medicating the public….


Worcester, Massachusetts

Stories from Headlines Network

By Sarah Toy, Special to the Telegram & Gazette

Dr. G. Robert Evans said he was always determined his kids wouldn’t have any cavities.

As a dentist, he had his children use fluoride drops, fluoride tablets and fluoride gels, especially his son, a budding actor.

“Then his permanent teeth came in,” said Dr. Evans, who runs a holistic medical and dental practice in Groton. “And I thought, ‘Oh my God, what have I done?’ ”

The enamel was severely mottled, blemished by unsightly brown and white spots.

“This was a kid who grew up on stage acting. He can’t have ugly teeth.”

The dentist says he no longer uses fluoride in his practice, nor does he carry any fluoride products in his office. He said his son uses veneers to hide the mottling.

You may have heard of his son. His name is Chris. Some people know him as Captain America.

Dr. Evans was convinced the mottling occurred because of the fluoride treatments his son had, something considered by many to be a dental staple. He began to do some research and his findings floored him, launching his anti-fluoride crusade. He is an especially staunch opponent of community water fluoridation, which the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls one of the 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century. He has traveled to different communities in Massachusetts since, including Worcester, to speak out against it.

A report released Feb. 8 by the Massachusetts Health Council and the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Center for Health Law and Economics strongly supports community water fluoridation, an opinion not everyone shares. It is a biennial report the health council puts out called the Common Health for the Commonwealth on social determinants of health and preventable health conditions.

Worcester has a long history when it comes to community water fluoridation. Despite the strong endorsements by the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the U.S. Public Health Service and the World Health Organization, Worcester remains one of the few Massachusetts communities that remains non-fluoridated, along with Barnstable, Brockton, Chicopee and Springfield. Worcester’s voters have rejected ballot questions to fluoridate the local public water supply four times since 1963, with the last referendum in 2001.

Janice B. Yost, president and CEO of the Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts, which led the 2001 pro-fluoride campaign, does not think Worcesterites will change their minds any time soon.

“Every time there’s a movement to do it again, and the resistance rises up again with a little more fervor,” she said. “I think Worcester has probably voted it down as much as anybody in the state has. They’re sort of leaders in that.”

Yost’s organization spent $400,000 on pro-fluoridation ads and education efforts during the 2001 referendum, but voters still rejected fluoridation 56 percent to 44 percent….



Brantford, Ontario Full article in Resources (4)

Mar 1

BRANTFORD – With a new $200,000 fluoridation system being considered in Brantford, maybe it’s time to rethink the whole fluoridation thing in the first place.

. Municipality of Lakeshore former Mayor Tom Bain was faced with the same dilemma Brantford is in with aged fluoridation equipment in need of replacement.

“Spending $340,000 on upgrades to the water filtration plant that must be completed before fluoridation can resume in Cornwall.”Council rejected its use as the Cornwall Seaway News reported in 2016.

Six Nations new state of the art water treatment plant will continue to reject fluoride to the water supply, according to the Elected Band Council.

If it makes no significant difference to one’s dental health, but may produce unwanted side effects like fluorosis and learning disabilities, and will cost Brantford $200,000 and more, one must ask, why add it to municipal or community water supplies in the first place?

Peel. ON

Mar 9

In a decision one anti-fluoride activist called criminal, Peel council members unanimously voted to continue the long-standing practice of adding fluoride to the municipal water supply — albeit at a slightly lower concentration.

At a March 9 meeting, councillors endorsed a motion from the region’s Community Water Fluoridation Committee. to reaffirm the region’s commitment to oral health, while recommending fluoride concentrations in local drinking water be reduced to 0.5 mg/l and a switch to HFSA derived from calcium fluoride to address some concerns about the toxicity of Peel’s current additive.

Mississauga Coun. Carolyn Parrish, chair of the committee… added the motion was a compromise derived with the best interest of residents in mind.

But it is still unacceptable to anti-fluoride activists such as Brampton resident Christine Massey who view fluoride as a poison. She … accused the council of “illegally drugging” residents and pleaded for at least a moratorium on fluoridation while the region awaits response from the provincial government on a request to test toxicity levels of the local additive and assume responsibility for administering municipal water fluoridation in Ontario.

Feb 24

Peel Public Health has recommended the region continue adding fluoride to the community’s drinking water system.    Peel council has also agreed to ask Ontario to carry out comprehensive toxicity tests and/or assume legislative responsibility for regulating and administering the fluoride additive hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFSA). …

The committee has now suspended meetings until the province clarifies its role in municipal water fluoridation.

Peel council had the same debate six years ago and decided to continue fluoridation


Kimberley, West Australia Feb 19

from The Kimberley Echo

An American anti-fluoride advocate is coming to Kununurra as residents push to stop the introduction of increased fluoridation in the town’s water supply.

Paul Connett, a former chemistry professor, is coming to the Kimberley to outline why it should reject fluoridation.

Mr Connett is the founder of the Fluoride Action Network and has written books on fluoride.

The topic has become an election issue with most major party candidates so far weighing in.

Liberal candidate Warren Greatorex said in November he supported Kununurra residents having a Labor member for Kimberley Josie Farrer submitted a petition to Parliament last year on behalf of several hundred residents against fluoridation.

Nationals candidate Rob Houston said he had his personal views on the subject, but there had been a botched job in consultation by the Government with the community.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation’s Keith Wright has repeatedly spoken in Kununurra against the introduction of fluoride, despite personally being in favour of the process.

WA Greens candidate Liz JUVaughan said last weekweighed in last week saying residents should be able to choose if it was introduced into the water supply.”The addition of fluoride to drinking water is not a cure-all for poor dental health; we should be doing more to educate people on and treat the underlying causes.”

Mr Connett will be speaking at Kununurra Leisure Centre on Monday at an event running from 5.30-7.30pm

Also from the Kimberley Echo, as part of the list of Upper House candidates

Mar 11

Fluoride Free WA

Candidates:Anne Porter and David Bauer

Both from Carnarvon, in the Gascoyne region, Ms Porter is a teacher while Mr Bauer runs a small business.

Ms Porter was involved in the bid to stop the introduction of fluoride into Carnarvon’s water supply and helped found the Carnarvon Anti-Fluoridation Action Group.

Policies: The party ultimately wants to get rid of the Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Act 1966 and stop fluoridation in WA.

It advocates for fluoride free water sources to be provided in every WA local government area, increased funding to dental services and for parents to be warned on their water bills, the department of health’s website and elsewhere not to use fluoridated water for infant formula.

Preferences: Fluoride Free WA has given its preferences to Flux followed by the Daylight Savings Party.

You might like an explanation of the system: ( there are 52 candidates; 6 will be elected..).

..Unlike voting in the lower house you have two options for how to vote for the upper house..You can either fill out every box under the line with your own preferences for the candidates you wish to see elected, or you can put a one above the line for your preferred ticket.


Feb 24

WA’s Fluoride-Free political party is upping the stakes during this year’s election, with a community debate about fluoridation of public water supplies set for this weekend.

The local leg of the “Great Fluoridation Debate” with fluoridation expert Professor Paul Connett takes place at Margaret River Community Centre on Sunday at 2pm.

Dr Connett is a retired chemistry, toxicology and waste management expert from New York’s St Lawrence University.

“Like most people, I thought those opposed to fluoridation were a little nutty,” Dr Connett said in a Fluoride-Free WA media release.

“Then I read the literature and changed my mind. The science is truly on the side of the people opposed to fluoride, but the promoters always trump this with politics.”

FFWA is running Upper House candidates John Vukovich and Hayley Green in the South West, while Margaret River resident Gillian Pearce is running for a seat in the Agricultural zone in the March 11 election.

WA’s Health Department recently said it had no immediate plans to fluoridate Margaret River water.


New Zealand

We Go To Parliament This Week!
Fluoride Free NZ report on their efforts and the public response to the proposed legislation

Our written submissions have finally been uploaded to the Parliamentary website.

  • There are 1281 in total
  • Over 90% are opposed to the Bill
  • Over 90% state they are opposed to fluoridation.

Because of the large number of people who have said they want to speak at the Parliamentary Hearings, the Health Select Committee have added more times for hearing speakers. Much to our disappointment, and despite our objections, the committee will be split into three sub-committees for each time block. That means each of us will only speak to three members.

Parliamentary Hearings This Fortnight:
Wednesday 15 March: Thursday 16 March,Wednesday 22 March:
Thursday 23 March: