August 2017


Aug 1

A tiny island, little known except for the drink it names, has a Health Minister who has shown a sudden burst of integrity.   Curaçao is a Caribbean  island under Netherlands control, part of what was known as the Dutch Antilles.   The decision does not seem to be prompted by any campaign and it is not clear whether it was based on Dutch law. There  had been an anti-fluoridation protest in 2014 without success.

WILLEMSTAD – Today the utility company Aqualectra stops the addition of fluoride to the drinking water. This was ordered by the Minister of Health, Environment and Nature Suzanne Camelia-Römer.

The reason for discontinuing the addition is because fluoridation is legally unjustified. The Minister will not make any statements about the alleged benefits such as the prevention of tooth decay or the indications of toxicity and the connection with health problems.

It will take about a week for fluoride to be completely out of the Curaçao drinking water. The drinking water is then fluoride free in all countries of the Kingdom.

Since 1962 fluoride has been added to Curaçao in drinking water.

Elsewhere in this update: Good News from New Zealand, some common sense in Canada, more debates in the US, Israel going backward, and a couple of songs to cheer you up




 The Water Authority’s governing Board tonight voted 4-3 to defer until September consideration of a measure that would allow fluoridation of the municipal drinking water supply to move forward.

After hearing input from the general public and members of the dental profession, the Board opted to delay a final vote on the issue until its next meeting, scheduled for September 20….

This is the link to the water authority statement

A rather curious form of questionnaire in the local paper on July 31 asked for a ‘vote on your feelings about this:’ and offered five emojis. Happy? Unmoved? Excited? Angry? Sad?

For the record, the result was: 80% voted Angry


Demonstrators in California battle

Demonstrators in California battle


Chapel Hill, Orange County, CA

Aug 25

…A group of about 20  protested the addition of fluoride to the OWASA water supply. ( see picture)

…Daria Barazandeh founder of Fluoride Free Chapel Hill-Carrboro, said the group is pushing OWASA to reconsider fluoride.“We have this great, dynamic group of people that are very passionate about this,” she said. “They keep coming to meetings and asking OWASA ‘can we please just look at this, can we have a fair review of fluoride and how toxic it is to the body?’”

…The board has not held a business meeting, which invites the public to speak on matters not on the agenda, since May 25. According to an email sent by board chairman Robert Morgan, the August 24 meeting was canceled because there were no items on the agenda. “I think they caught wind that we were organizing a lot of people to come to the meeting and they didn’t want to deal with it for whatever reason,” Barezandeh said.

Jonesborough, Tennesssee

Aug 18

Jonesborough’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted unanimously Monday night to reject its previously agreed upon plans to discontinue the use of fluoride in the town’s drinking water.

…Monday’s vote was a complete change of opinion for three of the town’s four aldermen, who voted in the Feb. 13 BMA meeting to no longer add fluoride to the town’s drinking water. Since that time, … local health professionals soon joined together with a goal of somehow reversing the February votes and Letters to the Editor poured into the Herald & Tribune from young and old.

A strange decision if this paper’s poll is anything to go by:

What do you think about the Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen’s recent decision to discontinue the addition of fluoride to the town’s drinking water?

  • Undecided (2%, 25 Votes)
  • Disagree (39%, 456 Votes)
  • Agree (59%, 700 Votes)


Cold Lake,Alberta

Aug 17

City of Cold Lake council heard a presentation at the Aug. 8 council meeting against the fluoridation of the City’s water supply.

… Melissa Williams argues that with the recent categorization of fluoride as a developmental neurotoxin, it should not be added to the City’s drinking water.

“[Fluoride is] now in the same category as arsenic, lead and mercury,” Williams argued. “A developmental neurotoxin affects the brain, autism, hyper deficit disorders and learning disabilities.”

…“Informed consent  is a standard practice in all medicine,” Williams stated about the addition of fluoride by the City to the water supply. “With water fluoridation we are forcing people to take medicines without consent, something a doctor cannot do with an individual patient.”

The issue will be discussed further at upcoming council meetings.


Nipawin , Saskatchewan

Aug 16

Nipawin Council is not proceeding with a request by the Kelsey Trail Health Region’s medical officer of health to re-visit their decision to not add fluoride to Nipawin’s drinking water supply.

…Most residents of Nipawin did not appear to be in favour of the fluoridation, given the content of local social media discussion groups.




Victoria, Queensland

Aug 9

A VICTORIAN dentist is asking Far North Queenslanders to send him kids’ teeth for a new study investigating the effect water fluoridation has on children’s oral health.

Melbourne-based dentist Maurice White is asking parents to send him baby molar teeth that fall out from children’s mouths to measure developmental faults in chewing surfaces and to compare teeth from fluoridated and non-fluoridated parts of Australia.

The Tooth Fairy Project, which has been developed alongside RMIT University…Fluoride was controversially removed from the Cairns Regional Council water supply in 2013, two years after it was installed in local water treatment plants.

“We are hoping to find out whether teeth in fluoride areas have got smaller spaces, or no spaces, compared to teeth in non-fluoride areas,” Dr White said.


Aug 22

Report from Fluoride Free NZ

Second Reading of Mandatory Fluoridation Bill Delayed

Well done everyone!  We have succeeded in pushing out the Second Reading of the Mandatory Fluoridation Bill to some time in the future, or maybe even never.

Even more good news today, Associate Health Minister, Peter Dunne, who introduced this Bill into Parliament last year, has resigned. That means the that Bill dies, unless another MP picks it up in the next Parliamentary term.

When this Bill was introduced, Health Minister Jonathan Coleman said the Second Reading would likely be June or July 2017. The third and final Reading would be early 2018 and then the Bill would become law.

However, because of the efforts you all have made in opposing this Bill, the Second Reading never happened. We don’t know exactly why this is, but guess it was because the Select Committee members could not agree, and the MPs saw it as an increasingly unpopular stance – which they weren’t prepared to take in an election year.

This shows that we can make a difference! But please don’t give up yet. After the election, the people who pressured the National Government to take on this Bill, will be at it again. We need to make sure all of the elected MPs know that there are smart ways to deal with public dental health (e.g. Childsmile), and that fluoridation is not one of them!

Now would be a really good time to write to the political parties and tell them you do not want fluoridation.


 Not good news. There does not seem to be any evidence of the effects of  ceasing fluoridation , now four years ago. This is a purely political battle, and perhaps suggests that it is not enough to convince a ruling party, you have to convince the whole population

Two years and two months have passed since Health Minister Ya’acov Litzman promised to restore fluoridation – canceled by his predecessor Yael German – of the nation’s water supply.

…In “a few months,” fluoridation will return, according to Udi Kaliner, acting head of public health services in the ministry, if the council of the Water Authority headed by Giora Shaham approves it as expected and a petition filed in the High Court of Justice by German against fluoridation is dismissed.

“…The council will meet on September 7.

…The Health Ministry introduced mandatory water fluoridation in 1970 in cities, towns and settlements with over 5,000 residents, and indeed, 70% of Israelis received fluoridated water delivered to their taps. But German opposed it as Meretz party mayor of Herzliya and stopped it in her city.

Reports and Resources


This month, we have selected two releases from opposite sides of the globe.  illustrating the basic facts of the failure of fluoridation and the frustration  of trying to make officialdom listen



NEW YORK, Aug. 2,


— After 72 years of fluoridation, reaching 2/3 of Americans, promising to substantially reduce tooth decay, especially in poor children, the American Journal of Public Health (2017)  reports “Despite significant financial, training, and program investments, US children’s caries experience and inequities continued to increase over the last 20 years,” reports the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF)

Children are fluoride-overdosed while oral-health-disparities between poor and non-poor increase. “America’s shockingly poor dental care system,” is profiled in the Yakima Herald.

The silent oral-health epidemic, declared in 2000 by US Surgeon General David Satcher, persists today, he says.

Fluoridation, an outdated 1945 concept, predicted only 10% would suffer mild dental fluorosis (white-flecked teeth). However, 58% of adolescents are now afflicted – some with more severe fluorosis (stained, pitted teeth) without benefit of less tooth decay.

For example, the Journal of the American Dental Association (Dye 2017) reports, 65% of poor 6-8 year-olds and 12-15 year-olds have cavities in their primary and permanent teeth, respectively.

Dye reports: “The prevalence of pediatric caries in the United States has remained consistent for the past 3 decades.”

“… there has been little improvement in preventing caries initiation,” said Dye.

Is organized dentistry, leading fluoridation promoters, to blame?

Reason Magazine reports “The over-the-top intimidation tactics of the ADA [American Dental Association] and its shiny-toothed shock troops,” contributed to high healthcare costs. A lawmaker is quoted as saying “I put their power right up there with the NRA.”

The Washington Post (“The unexpected political power of dentists”) quoted a Harvard dentist comparing the ADA to ISIS.

Free once-a-year “pop-up” dental clinics “fail to relieve the suffering of marginalized people but also can produce it,” according to a dissertation by Raskin.

Raskin explains extractions are routine and “incentivized” instead of preventive or restorative care. Dentist volunteerism declined; patients are turned away.

Oral health issues costs $6 billion in lost productivity yearly. Emergency department oral pain visits cost $2 billion yearly and contribute to the opioid-addiction epidemic.

NYSCOF President, attorney Paul Beeber says, “This is a clear indication that fluoridation has failed miserably, wasted tax-dollars and fluoride-overdosed our children. Organized dentistry has priced low-income Americans out of dental care.”

SOURCE New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc.



 New Zealand

8 August
Democrats for Social Credit
Continuing evasion of fluoridation issues by Health Minister Jonathan Coleman and Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne are a miserable dereliction of their duty to the public, according to Democrats for Social Credit Party health spokesman David Tranter.

A recent letter to Dr. Coleman raising several major concerns about fluoridation was referred to Mr. Dunne, a tactic which the Health Minister employs regarding all correspondence on this subject.

Mr. Dunne’s response was a classic version of the misleading and inaccurate propaganda which the pro-fluoridation lobby typically employs, Mr. Tranter said.

His response to my follow-up letter raising seven statements from his letter which I disputed was replied to by Mr Dunne’s private secretary as follows:
“The Minister has noted your further comments, and that you have a strongly held view that is divergent from the Government’s position on this matter. The Minister has nothing further to add to his previous correspondence on this issue”.

Either Mr. Dunne hasn’t a clue about fluoridation or he’s simply toe-ing the same line of political dogma which ignores any evidence challenging the fluoridation agenda, Mr. Tranter said.

This episode recalls other letters sent to ministers such as to the previous Health Minister Tony Ryall and Finance Minister Bill English asking why building works loans to DHBs aren’t funded at zero interest through the Reserve Bank instead of the ludicrous practice of arranging loans through commercial banks at high interest rates. After questioning the evasive reply that this is not government policy, I was advised that this correspondence was “closed”.

Now the Health Minister is hiding behind the Associate Health Minister – who has nothing further to say when asked questions he will not, or cannot, answer.

The only logical conclusion is that this government and its predecessors, are unable to give sensible reasons for major policies, Mr. Tranter said.




Aug 9

A chilling reminder that fluoridation is big business is this guide to ‘business decisions’ fir investors.

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Video Links

Added to facebook Link to 2 minute video from Fluoride Free Hill, North Carolina:

2 songs for the FAN conference

Here are the words to the second:


Come gather around people listen to my song
It’s about fluoridation don’t take very long
Got to get it out, get it out
Out of my water, I don’t want to drink it no more.

Fluoridation started in 1952
The years have passed its up to me and you
To get it out, get it out
Out of my water, I don’t want to drink it no more.

Where does it come from?
Come down from Florida from the phosphorus plant
They get it from the scrubber ship it in the can
Got to get it out, get it out
Out of my water, I don’t want to drink it no more.

Us people in Burlington just don’t see
Most of Europe don’t fluoridate so why do we
Get it out, get it out
Out of my water, I don’t want to drink it no more.

Mr Harold Hodge said it was okay to drink
But why we brush our teeth and spit it in the sink
Got to get it out, get it out
Out of my water, I don’t want to drink it no more.

There’s something fishy going on
Fluoride was used to make the bomb
Got to get it out, get it out
Out of my water, I don’t want to drink it no more.

Make your kidney hurt and your back weak
I’d rather get my water from a good clean creek
Get it out, get it out
Out of my water, I don’t want to drink it no more.

If we are drinking it it should be our choice
The history pages have passed now hear my voice
Get it out, get it out
Out of my water, I don’t want to drink it no more.

Cause people in Burlington just don’t see
Most of Europe don’t fluoridate so why do we
Get it out, get it out
Out of my water, I don’t want to drink it no more.

If we are drinking it it should be our choice
The history pages have passed now hear my voice
Get it out, get it out
Out of my water, I don’t want to drink it no more.

Written and performed by Alex Wilson in Burlington, Vermont, in 2005. Alex sang this song as his public comment at a fluoridation hearing held by the Burlington Board of Health.

If you adapt this song for your community, please always give credit to Alex Wilson.