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The issue of water fluoridation is complex, but your campaign strategy must not be.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the many different directions you could take to create and execute a campaign to end artificial water fluoridation in your area. We activists are good at creating new options every day. By boiling it down to the basics, you can choose your “big picture” strategy wisely and create a winning campaign.


Listen today and take the next step in building a successful campaign. Learn the fundamentals of the few basic approaches to victory, and understand how to pick the one that’s right for your situation.


We will explore the best pathway to victory based on your jurisdiction:


Direct Lobbying – Influence a legislative body through communication with members of a legislative body or with government officials to formulate legislation.


Ballot Box – Embed important and just policies into law. Ballot initiative campaigns are costly and time consuming.

File a Suit – Work with attorneys and donors to mount a legal challenge in court.


Direct Action – Expose the problem and provide an alternative by demonstrating with sit-ins, strikes, occupations, blockades, or hacktivism.


This month’s teleconference builds on the the previous month’s conversation “Step 1: Map Your Jurisdiction – Inroads to Influence”. 



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