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David Fierstien, your enmity causes you to misconstrue my statements and Paul Connett’s candor. The book that he and his two coauthors published, The Case Against Fluoride, is all carefully documented peer-reviewed science. You have not read it, rendering you misinformed.

The fluoridation myth is deeply ingrained in the American psyche (which is not the case for Europeans and Asians). With stunning Orwellian irony, many Americans still clamor for nonconsensual dental treatment with a useless bio-accumulative carcinogen/neurotoxin in their water–including most voters in Boyne City in 2014, no doubt due to your oratorical prowess. That same year, voters in Portland, OR, and Wichita, KS, REJECTED fluoridation by large majorities.

Current science shows that swallowing fluoride to prevent tooth decay is just as effective as swallowing suntan lotion to prevent sunburn—all risk, no benefit. When people fail to understand what’s wrong with fluoridation it’s because they are so deeply indoctrinated they cannot grasp the rationale. That’s a fact of human psychology. How long did it take to end misuse of lead and asbestos? To pronounce cigarette smoking harmful to health?

EPA scientists have been calling for an end to fluoridation since 2005, but EPA administrators refuse to act. Former EPA toxicologist Robert Carton characterizes fluoridation as the greatest scientific fraud of the 20th century and perhaps of all time.

Fluoridation is quackery. Anyone who claims otherwise is not conversant with the existing science and is talking through their hat. Relinquishing a cherished belief can cause severe psychological pain, but one day fluoridation will be no more.


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Janet Nagel, regarding your comment below, as an anti-fluoride fanatic, why would you want to bring up Dr. Connett’s miserable failure in Oct., 2014? Yes, fluoridation was reinstated by a vote of the people with a margin larger than 2 to 1, two weeks after he spoke there.

In a personal email to me dated October 12, 2014, Dr. Connett wrote, “If I sometimes I have a tendency to overstate – then my co-authors did their level best to counteract that by understating everything.” This is copied and pasted from the email. I didn’t change a word. Ms. Nagel, this is not how science works. A real scientist reports reality as it is without overstating in the hopes that someone else will understate.

You can read more about Dr. Connett & his Fluoride Action Network here: http://www(DOT)quackwatch(DOT)org/11Ind/connett.html He is very famous. He got his own article on Quackwatch.

You can also read about him here: http://rationalwiki(DOT)org/wiki/Paul_Connett

But I’m confused about something you said, Janet. On one hand you say, ” . . Fluoride Action Network, the international organization of 80,000 scientists, health professionals and safe water activists . . ”

Then you clarify that by saying, “80,000 is the number of FAN members. . . Anyone can be a member. Maybe some FAN members are fluoridation apologists like yourself.” Are you saying that even I could be counted as one of those 80,000?

Ok, now you are saying that the number 80,000 can, and probably does, include people who completely disagree with the hype that FAN spews. So you were a little misleading when you implied that there were 80,000 scientists, health professionals, and water activists who are all on-board with FAN. There aren’t.

Misleading . . I see why you fit in with an outfit like FAN.


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David, are you David Fierstien, Water Operations Manager, who debated Paul Connett, Director of Fluoride Action Network (FAN), in Boyne City in Oct. 2014? There’s a news item about it on the FAN website. Also the Nov. election in Boyne City reinstating fluoridation by a vote of 896 to 368. Please cite misinformation on the FAN website. They’ll want to correct it.

www.FluorideAlert.ORG , the FAN website, is probably the most comprehensive source of information about fluoride and fluoridation on the internet. It indexes all the science, all the news, and all the politics, pro and con. FAN was formed a quarter century ago by a distinguished and internationally respected group of scientists, physicians, dentists and other health professionals. You might find a review of their advisory board informative.

Joseph Mercola is not on the list. I agree that his sensationalist approach is off-putting. I think it’s better to keep objections to fluoridation separate from his activities because, for people such as yourself with no interest in the underlying scientific and legal issues, any association with a showman like Mercola merely confirms that there’s nothing more to learn about fluoridation and keeps your mind firmly shut.

80,000 is the number of FAN members. There are petitions on the website and fewer signers of petitions than there are FAN members. Anyone can be a member. Maybe some FAN members are fluoridation apologists like yourself. But you can search the website as much as you like without joining. You’ll be pleased to find it’s completely free of advertising for toothpaste, water purifiers, or any product whatsoever. Why not give it a try? You might discover something you didn’t already know.


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I am curious about Janet Nagel’s comment below. She has recommended the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) as a source of credible information regarding water fluoridation.

To be sure, FAN is the leading source of misinformation on this issue. Perhaps because FAN openly accepts money from people who sell expensive RO water filters, bottled water, fluoride free toothpaste, & a wide range of Natural Health products. So the more paranoia that FAN can generate about safe drinking water & legitimate science, the better sales will be for their backers.

Moreover, FAN is part of Mercola’s Health Liberty conglomerate which also includes the anti vaccine company, NVIC.

But the real question I have for Janet concerns this comment from her: ” . . Fluoride Action Network, the international organization of 80,000 scientists, health professionals and safe water activists . . ”

80,000?? Really? That is odd because FAN has a “Statement of Opposition to Fluoridation” that has been signed by only about 4600 people – world-wide. I wonder why the other 75,400 people didn’t sign the thing? Maybe because they don’t exist.


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Please post this corrected version

Actually, that was a pretty good way to end fluoridation in Wilkesboro. Does the council vote on how your high blood pressure should be treated or the neighbor kids’s ADHD? Is the public invited to join the discussion? Why is the way you take care of your teeth any different?
For generations Americans have been indoctrinated to believe that fluoridation is a harmless way to prevent tooth decay and that if you’re intelligent you support it. Unfortunately that belief system is wrong on all counts.
In the past certain federal programs promoted asbestos and lead despite evidence that they were harmful. Every day we hear news about failures of certain EPA and CDC programs to address problems with water or drugs. An “official” endorsement by EPA or CDC or the ADA or various other organizations may or may not be true. In the case of fluoridation, the legal and scientific professionals who work in the EPA have been calling for an end to fluoridation since 2005, but EPA administrators refuse to act.
Fluoridation is an invasion of personal rights to privacy and bodily integrity which has only been allowed by the courts as an exercise of police power because the courts considered it to be effective and to cause only minor harm. However science has now demonstrated that fluoridation does not measurably reduce tooth decay and that fluoride works on tooth surfaces and is actually harmful if swallowed—as the warning on your toothpaste states. The amount of fluoride in a glass of “optimally” fluoridated water is the same as the amount in a dab of toothpaste. Swallowing fluoride is like swallowing sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Fluoridation is a century-old theory that’s been proved false.
Since there’s no reason to swallow fluoride, there’s no reason for fluoridation.
And since you and you alone are entitled to decide how you and your family will take care of your health, including your dental health, there is no reason for public discussion of whether or not Wilkesboro should stop fluoridation.
However, since we’ve all heard so much misinformation about fluoridation for most of our lives, it would be helpful if the Wilkesboro Mayor and Council issued an explanation of their decision and if the Wilkes Journal-Patriot ran an educational article on the subject. A good source of information is www.fluoridealert.ORG the website of Fluoride Action Network, the international organization of 80,000 scientists, health professionals and safe water activists working to raise awareness of the great fluoridation mistake. The mayor of Cotati, CA, explained his decision this way:
Citizens of Wilkesboro can be proud that their Council made the right decision on this matter, and they can be assured that their water is healthier because of it.


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The unilateral decision of a misguided town manager to simply end fluoridation in Wilkesboro, needs to be fully addressed. This is a decision which adversely affects the health and well-being of each and every citizen of the community. Decisions on fluoridation need to be made based on accurate information from respected, reliable sources, not on the whim of an uninformed town manager.

The Wilkesboro healthcare community must get involved in this immediately.

Steven D. Slott, DDS
Burlington, NC