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This is the last edition of the pilot series for the UKFFFA and contains news items dated up to July 31st


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Joy Warren added this post-script to the Wakefield decision , reminding us  that it’s not all good news. They never give up!

From the wmaf site:

Proposals to introduce fluoride to Wakefield’s water supply have been shelved for two years.  We persuaded Wakefield’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee not to fluoridate and provided the Committee with several pieces of research which demonstrate health concerns where fluoride is added to drinking water and to food manufactured in fluoridated areas.  We had hoped that Wakefield Borough Council would have closed down on this PHE proposal. Instead, Wakefield BC has been persuaded to revisit the topic in 2018.

It is to be hoped that more research will be published in the two years leading up to revisiting the issue.  However, PHE is due to produce the second of its quaint health monitoring reports in March 2018.  Is it a coincidence that Wakefield has been persuaded to revisit the issue in the same year that this second monitoring report is due?  I think not!  Why did Wakefield choose 2 years instead of 3 or 4 years?  Is 2 years enough time to demonstrate a reduction in dental decay in Wakefield children due to targetted dental health programmes?  Probably not.  Also, will Wakefield’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee be provided with dental statistics for the period up to April 2018?  There is normally a lag time before such statistics are available.

Thus, any dental health programmes put into effect this year are not going to bed in properly and will probably not produce statistically significant data for 2016-2017. Another year’s sampling for 2017-2018 is indicated but probably won’t be available at the time the Committee sits down to deliberate on fluoridation.

If the Committee is shown a PHE health monitoring report in March 2018 which states that fluoride does not cause health problems (as did the first such whitewash report in 2014), then the Committee will be more likely to take notice of the report since this will be the most contemporary pro-fluoridation report seen by the Committee.


UK Against Fluoride

This story picked up by Bill Edmunds


Glasgow’s children are smiling better than ever with a huge reduction in the number of teeth pulled out.

New figures show that extractions of kids’ teeth have been cut in half since the Millennium.

A number of initiatives in schools and nurseries have helped improve dental health leading to less decay. ..

Original story:



West Midlands against Fluoridation

http://www.wmaf.org.uk/  selected an article reproduced by Dr Mercola,

Puberty, Once the Norm at Age 15, Now Occurring in 7-, 8- and 9-Year-Olds,

 linking this to chemicals in our environment and food chain.

and reproduces this table;





























































The concentrations which are expressed as ppb and ppm are those found in 1 litre of hexafluorosilicic acid. That’s right: all the metalloestrogens are found in the fluoridating acid used to ensure that we have our daily dose(s) of fluoride.

 The article  originally appeared here:





Dr. Griffin Cole: FDA Should Ban All Fluoride Supplements

In a new short video produced by the Fluoride Action Network, Griffin Cole, DDS–dentist and member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology–explains why the FDA should ban all fluoride supplements from the market.  Click to watch video:


From FAN

In January 2016, the FDA ordered a manufacturer of fluoride “supplements” to immediately cease producing these drugs because the FDA has never approved them as either safe or effective. FAN’S investigation revealed that the largest pharmacies continue to sell unapproved fluoride drugs, which not only violates the federal prohibition on introducing unapproved drugs into interstate commerce, but violates the laws of at least 17 states which prohibit the sale of any drug not approved by the FDA.



July 20th

Commissioners of Soddy-Daisy’s water treatment system voted Tuesday evening to stop adding fluoride to their water supply. The vote was 6-1, with Commissioner Carlos Wilson casting the only vote in favour of fluoride.

The vote came despite objections from local dentists, who had argued that fluoride is a proven method for fighting tooth decay

“I’m excited and thrilled by the decision,” said Chiesa Smith, one of several local residents who told the board they believe fluoride is a health hazard.

With the vote, the North West Utility District, which supplies water to about 7,500 residents of Soddy-Daisy and several neighboring communities, becomes the first water system in the state’s four largest counties to stop adding fluoride to its water. About 54 percent of Tennessee water systems currently fluoridate their water.

… The board’s decision will be put into effect almost immediately. Water system general manager David Collett said he will stop adding fluoride to the water supply as of this morning

. http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/local/story/2016/jul/20/soddy-daisy-nixes-water-fluoridation/376861/

You might still be able to vote in this paper’s poll. This was the result after my vote on August 3rd:

POLL: Do you think fluoride should be added to drinking water?

No: No: 57.28% (181)

Yes: 42.72% (135)

Total Responses: 316

FAN comment

…This victory continues the strong trend in Tennessee of communities ending the practice; 13 cities with over 120,000 residents have voted to stop artificial fluoridation since 2010, bringing the percentage of public water supplies in the state with added fluoride down to about 50%. The decision is also likely to influence the upcoming vote in Jonesborough, TN


Port Angeles, Washington

July 20

 More on this long running saga

Worth checking the  comment thread that is almost entirely against fluoridation.

PORT ANGELES — City Council members have turned back an effort by the anti-fluoridation group Our Water, Our Choice! to ask voters to change the city’s form of government through a Nov. 8 ballot measure.
The Port Angeles City Council decided instead on Tuesday night to have the measure go before voters Nov. 7, 2017.

…Council members also agreed Tuesday to discuss a surprise proposal by Mayor Patrick Downie at their next regular session Aug. 2.Downie, who had not put the proposal on the agenda, wants the council to discuss stopping fluoridation immediately and asking voters in a Nov. 7, 2017 advisory ballot if the city should continue the practice and make that vote binding on the City Council.


Another source clearly states that Port Angeles has now agreed  to accept the original vote and end fluoridation.




Gladstone, Queensland

July 19

Fluoride has been added to some drinking water supplies to help prevent dental cavities for over 50 years, but it has become a contentious issue, with many arguing they hate the idea of what they consider is mass medication.

Back in 2008 the Queensland Labour Government introduced mandatory fluoridation of water supplies, but just four years later that was reversed by the LNP with local councils given the choice of whether they wanted to add fluoride or not.

One of the councils locally that decided to drop fluoride is the Rockhampton Regional council – and today the Gladstone Regional Council will also be looking at the pros and cons of the issue.

Gladstone Regional Councillor Kahn Goodluck has tabled a notice of motion calling for fluoride to be ceased to be added as soon as possible, former past President of the Australian Dental Association and Rockhampton Dentist Greg Moore has a very different view though.

They both spoke this morning on the issue.

..and just to update this story –

This morning the Gladstone Regional Council have passed the motion to take fluoride out of the region’s water supply


FAN comment

The  large number of people” in the region that wanted the practice to end, including local campaigners from Gladstone Area Fluoride Free and FAN Australia.  The additive will be phased out over the next 40 days. 

Twenty-six Councils (including at least 50 towns) in the state of Queensland, Australia have now REJECTED fluoridation since the state reversed its mandate law in 2012


Bega Valley, NSW

July 25

A dentist speaks against fluoridation;

Bega Valley dentist presents water fluoridation studies to council

In the same week as a Queensland council passed a motion to remove fluoride from its drinking water Bega Valley Shire Council viewed a presentation by a dentist against its addition to the shire’s water system.

Last Tuesday, Gladstone Regional Council voted to remove the ion from the region’s water, with the move expected to take 40 days.

On Wednesday, Merimbula dentist Maria Claudianos presented her professional opinion on the move, which was met by applause from the crowd in the chamber.

Invited by the Clean Water for Life group, the Tathra resident said there is no need for water fluoridation, as global decay rates are dropping equally whether fluoride is present in drinking water or not, and was concerned about consumption by children under three.

She said dental health programs in non-fluoridated Denmark, including education around flossing and brushing have put the nation at the top of global health ratings.

A story of a sufferer from fluoridated water  –

…A former Bega resident who now calls Merimbula home. Shirley Rixon suffered from kidney scarring after childbirth and she said doctors were left “scratching their heads” when it came to her treatment.

“After the birth my kidneys felt like I was constantly in labour,” she said.Ms Rixon was living in Canberra at the time before moving back to Bega in the mid 1980s.

After moving to a house “right under the water tower” she was told the colour and taste was due to fluoride.

This revelation moved Ms Rixon to ask a friend to supply her with rain water.She said her doctor and urologist were amazed by the results of her experiment.“Five weeks after I started drinking tank water the pain just disappeared,” she said.“My GP now doesn’t believe I ever had kidney damage because of how they’ve repaired.”

Ms Rixon says she still drinks natural spring water to this day.

“I was horrified when I found out they were looking at putting it in the water down here,” she said.“They say it’s for your teeth, but they don’t look at the other organs of the body.”

Note the last sentence. Will the fluoride promoters  have the last word yet again?

As part of council’s ongoing consultation process before any decision, it’s understood NSW Health is  scheduled to make a presentation in coming weeks. http://www.begadistrictnews.com.au/story/4051292/dentists-concern-over-life-long-prescription/


New Zealand



Watch the advert


People will have noticed the lack of media coverage of Prof Paul Connett’s speaking tour of New Zealand earlier this month. Despite all efforts to invite media and encourage them along to the Talks, or to at least have an article on the Talks, no media attended any of the Talks anywhere in the country.

We decided, with the help of donations to our Give A Little campaign, to pay the media to do its job. We commissioned a debate between Prof Paul Connett and Wellington-based scientist, Prof Mike Berridge. Prof Berridge works at the Malaghan Institute and has written a book which contains a chapter on fluoridation. In 2015 Prof Berridge publicly endorsed fluoridation in this TV3 piece on fluoridation.

The debate was moderated by Cameron Bennett and was done without our input. We were happy to have a fair, well-balanced debate, as the facts are on our side. Prof Connett has been asking for a debate in New Zealand for the past 13 years so we would like to thank Prof Berridge for having the integrity to stand up for his convictions.

The debate will be aired on Sky Channel 83, FACE TV, at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 17th of August as part of a “Thinking Green” special. After that it will be available on the internet so we can share with friends, family, colleagues and, importantly, our decision makers. People are much more likely to view our information when it comes with both sides presented, so they feel they can make a truly informed decision.

We are sure you will all find the half hour debate extremely interesting and a great tool for us into the future

This is the Give-a-little crowd-funding page::

Fluoride Free New Zealand supporters are professionals and ordinary citizens who are passionate about the health of our families and our community. We’re volunteers, working hard to get the best quality water possible for New Zealanders and to live up to our clean, green reputation.

Fluoride is now known to be neurotoxic and can be harmful at certain levels. The US National Toxicology Program is currently undertaking a review of all studies where fluoride has been shown to harm the brain to try to ascertain what dose this harm occurs. They are also embarking on their own animal studies.

For this reason, among others, we believe fluoridation chemicals have no place in our water.(see video footage of committee meeting See video footage here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lytzqSyGV2E.)

Please also sign our petition https://www.change.org/p/government-of-nz-stop-mandatory-fluoridation-for-all-of-new-zealand

and visit our Stop Nationwide Mandatory Fluoridation Campaign page (http://fluoridefree.org.nz/new-zealand-campaign/)

Here is the interview with Paul Connett


July 12

Paul Connett’s New Zealand Presentation

Last week FAN Senior Consultant Paul Connett, PhD was in New Zealand for a speaking and campaign tour of the country where residents are facing the threat of a fluoridation mandate.  During his visit he made a serious of presentations.  Thanks to Vinny Eastwood, who uploaded the video to YouTube, you can enjoy Connett’s presentation–Water Fluoridation: Poor Practice & Poor Science–from the comfort of your own home.  I encourage you to share this presentation with local decision-makers, neighbours, and community leaders.

The presentation is here:


 Non-Fluoridated Countries Have Better Teeth than Fluoridated NZ

( see Resources below), Fluoride Free New Zealand has also obtained data from all NZ District Health Boards which show the rate of general anaesthetic surgeries for severe tooth decay and the number of fillings needed is no different between fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas of New Zealand.

Professor Paul Connett, international fluoride expert, is currently giving presentations throughout New Zealand. He spoke to a packed hall of 120 people in Nelson on Sunday and will be speaking in Timaru on Tuesday and Christchurch on Thursday. (See Tour details hers). Part of his presentation explains both the Scottish and Danish successful public dental health programmes. We implore decision makers and media people to hear this valuable information.



July 18

From FF-NZ

A big thank you to Prof Connett from all the Fluoride Free team. Eight talks around New Zealand in the middle of winter is not an easy task.

…We had good turnouts in all towns with 120 people attending the Nelson Talk and 90 (total of two talks) people attending the Timaru Talks. The fact that this issue has been alive in these towns over the last year has meant a lot more awareness than other towns.

In Nelson, the announcement last year by the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board that fluoridation was their number one priority, made people realise that their water is under threat. People in other non-fluoridated places haven’t quite grasped the fact that the Government proposal to shift responsibility from the local councils to the DHBs means their water is under threat too.




New Zealand campaigners remind us that the latest research shows there is no difference between the majority of children in fluoridated, compared to non-fluoridated areas:

The study focuses on inequities suffered by Maori children

Water fluoridation and ethnic inequities in dental caries profiles of New Zealand children aged 5 and 12–13 years: analysis of national cross-sectional registry databases for the decade 2004–2013

. https://bmcoralhealth.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12903-016-0180-5#main-content


Reminder of three FAN productions

New Video Interview with FAN Director — Michael Connett, JD was recently interviewed on Holistic Health TV about the risks associated with fluoride and fluoridation.  You can now watch the 26-minute interview


New Alarming Video: Council testimony from a Sacramento water employee about fluoride additives leaching lead from pipes, and testimony from a former City Manager, who admits that the city is better off spending their fluoridation budget on dental treatments for children.( 3 min.)



The Fluoride-Lobby’s War on Democracy:  Paul Connett, PhD, FAN’s Senior Consultant and co-author of “The Case Against Fluoride,” is on this month’s International Fluoride Free Teleconference that was dedicated to the situation in NZ.

Download the New Zealand Teleconference Audio Featuring Paul Connett


Ignoring warnings. A very comprehensive series of papers showing, amongst other conclusions, that a great deal of damage has been done by ignoring evidence of health risks and  the tendency to believe there  are more ‘false alerts’ than there are. Fluoride is tackled in the preface, as shown in the extract below.

Claudia Miller’s reference to Cochrane and its detractors is particularly valid. Southampton campaigners will also remember a similar ‘Critique;’ of the CDC report presented as part of  the Strategic Health Authority’s final justification for their  proposal.


July 30

Glyphosate herbicides, harmful pharmaceuticals, infected blood transfusions, mercury preservative in infant vaccines, organophosphate insecticides, GM technology and fluoridation of the water supply . . . the damage to human and environmental health has been incalculable.

As Professor Jacqueline McGlade, Chief Scientist and Director of the Division of Early Warning and Assessment of the United Nations Environment Programme, said in her preface to Late lessons from early warnings: science, precaution, innovation:


There is something profoundly wrong with the way we are living today. There are corrosive pathologies of inequality all around us — be they access to a safe environment, healthcare, education or clean water. These are reinforced by short-term political actions and a socially divisive language based on the adulation of wealth . . .

A book by Claudia Miller, M.D., M.S., a tenured Professor in Environmental and Occupational Medicine and Vice Chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA), who has written extensively on the health effects of low-level chemical exposures.

One simple measure could be adopted. Every scientific report or review should be prefaced by a declaration of the researcher’s competing financial interests

From the Nature/ British Dental Journal’s declaration of the authors’ competing financial interests Critique of the review of ‘Water fluoridation for the prevention of dental caries’ published by the Cochrane Collaboration in 2015, we learn that – out of 17 – these authors had such an interest – see footnote, with names added to the initials in the list.

The Cochrane review noted- amongst many other findings – that only two studies since 1975 have looked at the effectiveness of reducing cavities in baby teeth, and found fluoridation to have no statistically significant impact – and within the ‘before and after’ studies none showed the benefits of fluoridated water for adults.

 In view of the authors’ competing interests it is not surprising that they cast doubt on the validity of the unfavourable findings of the Cochrane Review, which is ’unconstrained by commercial and financial interests’.


 The full report is here