December 2016


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Dec 22

Cumbria County Council delays fluoride decision  Councillors from Cumbria County Council will delay making a decision on water fluoridation until the findings of a study have been revealed.

Members of the council’s cabinet claim that they need more information about the impact of fluoridation on a local scale before they make a decision on the future of fluoridation in the area.

In September, a petition, which urged councillors to debate the possibility of removing fluoride from community water supplies was presented to Allerdale Local Committee, and the council referred to the matter to the cabinet.

Before the cabinet made a decision, members were encouraged by the director of public health to wait for the findings of a study known as Catfish to be released. The Catfish study (Cumbrian Assessment of Teeth, a Fluoride Intervention Study for Health) aims to provide information about the impact of a recent break in fluoridation on children’s dental health.

Campaigners believe that water should be removed from public water supplies. However, dentists and public health figures support its use as an effective means of reducing the prevalence of dental decay. Councillor for public health, Ian Stewart, suggested that there is no scientific evidence to support claims that water fluoridation is harmful to human health, and the best course of action is to wait to vote on the matter until the findings of the Catfish study are available. Mt Stewart’s comments were backed by public health director, Colin Cox, who responded to questions about the safety of fluoridated water by suggesting that there is no “robust evidence” to bring the issue of safety into question



Dec 2

Another report on the  release mentioned in November’s news.

National petitions

Dec 30

This is an official reply to a request for an  anti-fluoridation petition . The ‘petition about this issue’ has only about 50 signatures. Both are poorly formulated and the effect is to block any other attempt whilst they are available.

It is  a pity  that enthusiastic individuals cannot first contact  national organisations  such as UKFFFA or SWIS before they attempt to use this sort of service.

Rejected petition Stop public water Fluoridation.

Water Fluoridation is outdated and is harmfully impacting communities. It’s impacts such as tooth decay and recent links to dementia and cancer are not worth risking lives. Stop introducing Fluoride into public water supplies.

6.1 Million people in the UK are introduced to water fluoridation, approx 10% of the population. 330,000 of the 6.1 Million are introduced as it is naturally occurring. The remaining 5.8 Million are introduced by the outdated introduction of Fluoride. It’s only reason for being purposefully introduced was to reduce tooth decay which has been proven to be a lost cause in recent studies. It’s links with Dementia and Cancer cause citizens to worry about what they consume.

This petition was rejected.  Why was this petition rejected?

There’s already a petition about this issue. We cannot accept a new petition when we already have one about a very similar issue.

You are more likely to get action on this issue if you sign and share a single petition.

We only reject petitions that don’t meet the petition standards




Here is an opportunity for an international push linked to the ETA petition – and the reply – or lack of it – after February 19th when the 90 days will have elapsed.


The Petition that should end US fluoridation – and the killer question

From FAN

‘On Nov 22, Dr. Bill Hirzy and I, along with nutritionist Valerie Green and three of her children, delivered a legal petition (plus over 300 supporting documents) to the EPA headquarters in DC. This petition, written by Michael Connett, calls upon the EPA to ban the addition of fluoridating chemicals to the public drinking water under provisions in the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The full petition can be accessed here, a shorter 8-page summary here, and our press release here. The EPA has 90 days to respond and after that time we can take the issue to court. This may be the lawsuit we have all been waiting for.’
Click to Watch Short Video of Petition Being Delivered to EPA Headquartershttps:

Examples of publication of the press release and comments:

Groups Urge EPA to Ban Fluoridation Based on Risk to Brain

PR Newswire (press release)

“If EPA applies its own risk assessment guidelines to fluoridation, we believe it will agree that fluoridation poses an unacceptably high risk to the brain …

Groups Urge EPA to Ban Fluoridation Based on Risk to Brain

Yahoo Sports

The Petition, which includes over 2,500 pages of supporting scientific documentation, … .

EPA Petitioned to Acknowledge Extensive Fluoride/Brain Risk Evidence

Bay Area Indymedia

A coalition of environmental, medical and health groups have served the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with a Petition, which includes over ..

Dec 14

Neurotoxic: Drinking Fluoridation Chemicals Now Linked to Brain Harm and Cognitive Deficits …


National groups file a groundbreaking Petition to the EPA demanding action to protect the public: ban artificial water fluoridation due to new scientific ..


Anchorage , Alaska

Dec 24

An Anchorage ballot initiative effort aimed at removing fluoride from city water has the incoming Democratic majority leader supporting it:


Bisbee, Arizona

More on the local debate with a FAN press release introduced by Stuart Cooper on neurotoxicity ..


Bloomington, Illinois

Dec 4

This is typical of the frequent reports of local ‘awards’ being granted to fluoridating authorities, in this case by the Illinois Public Health Department, adding respectability and civic pride to the practice of poisoning its own citizens.

BLOOMINGTON – The City of Bloomington’s Water Department has received an award from the Illinois Department of Public Health for compliance …


BUDA, Texas

Dec 28

BUDA, Texas (KXAN) – In the coming weeks, the city of Buda will resume putting fluoride in the city’s water supply.


A Tuesday night’s meeting, Buda City Council chose to not take action against the continued fluoridation of the city’s water supply.

…Sam Brannon, organizer of Fluoride Free San Marcos Coalition, spoke during the open forum held at the council meeting. Brannon was involved in the campaign that led to San Marcos ceasing the fluoridation of its water supply. In November 2015, 61 percent of voters in San Marcos voted against fluoridation.

“Four years ago, I was probably in the same position as some of you,” he said. “I was raised to think fluoride was good.”  Since then, he said he found out fluoride is a neurotoxin, and that the kind used in public water supplies has never been tested for efficacy or safety, Brannon said. He urged City Council to rethink ….



Durango, Colorado

Dec 18

A dentist writes to the The Durango Herald

As a general dentist practicing 36 years, our profession has evolved in using clinical outcome studies. And as a researcher in the profession, I have seen thousands of patients, children and adults.

These years of practice and clinical observations reveal that water fluoridation has no positive outcomes, despite what the government and the health departments state…

and urges readers to check out:



Marin, California

Dec 8

…More than 50 people turned out for a Marin Coalition luncheon at The Club at McInnis in San Rafael where Dawna Gallagher-Stroeh, director of Clean Water Sonoma-Marin and wife of former Marin Municipal Water District manager Dietrich Stroeh, debated the fluoridation issue with Dr. Howard Pollick, clinical professor in the Department of Preventive and Restorative Dental Sciences at the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry….


Marshall County, Alabama

Dec 23

Alabama city can remove fluoride from drinking water, court rules

A Marshall County water system, at least for now, can stop fluoridating its water over concerns that the long-held practice isn’t healthy, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled Friday.

The city of Arab’s water system in August 2015 stopped fluoridating its water after reviewing studies that the practice was unhealthy. But a few months later the Arab City Council ordered the system to restart fluoridation.

A Marshall County judge sided with the city after hearing testimony from medical experts and issued a preliminary injunction in the case ordering the water system to re-start fluoridation. The water works appealed to the Alabama Supreme Court.

…”On Aug. 1, 2015, the (water) board, citing studies indicating negative health consequences resulting from fluoride, stopped fluoridating the water it supplies to the city,” according to the Supreme Court opinion. The city disagreed and on Nov. 2, 2015, the council, citing studies indicating negative health consequences if the water wasn’t fluoridated, passed a resolution ordering the water works board “to immediately restart the addition of fluoride into the water supply system of the municipality,” according to the opinion.

On Nov. 10, 2015, the board wrote a letter to the city stating that it did not intend to comply. On Feb. 17 the city filed a lawsuit against the water board and asked the circuit court to enter an injunction requiring the water system to fluoridate the water it supplies to the city.

On March 17, 2016, the circuit court granted the City’s request for a preliminary injunction after holding a hearing in which medical professionals, including the Director of the Alabama Department of Public Health testified.

…The water board appealed the injunction and the Alabama Supreme Court reversed the circuit judge’s decision.


Meadville PA

Dec 23

The Meadville Area Water Authority has formed a committee to plan the logistics for a community discussion of water fluoridation.

Authority chairman Tim Groves appointed himself and board member Mark Gildea to the committee at the MAWA monthly meeting on Wednesday. The two will meet several times at the beginning of 2017 to develop a format for the community discussion, Gildea said. Groves estimated that plans might be finalized in February.

“We want to make sure there will be plenty of input on both sides,” Groves said.

…Fluoride has been a topic during MAWA’s operations committee meetings, which are closed to the public. In October, committee members met with a representative of Erie Water Works to hear how similar discussions were handled in Erie.

Following Wednesday’s meeting, Groves said that the new fluoride committee also hopes to hear from American Water, the contractor that operates the water system, on their experiences with fluoridation debates in other communities.

…“I think we’re moving along,” Groves said. “We hope that some time in the spring we’ll come up to a final vote and move on.”


Palestine TX


After more research, the Palestine Public Works Department earlier this week pulled the ideas of eliminating fluoride from its water to save $15,000.


Rutland VT

A letter in the Rutland Herald  headed Fake science behind fluoride ,  heralds an  planned debate.

…Valid up-to-date science now labels fluoride as an endocrine disrupter, neurotoxin, harmful to our children and ineffective when taken internally…

We can all choose to become water protectors in Rutland City as demonstrated by the Sioux Nation of Standing Rock, North Dakota. We can have choice. We now know there is better science on fluoride than there was in 1950. Let the discussion begin. Again. Town Meeting Day is March 7, 2017.


Dec 11

San Jose, Califormia

After a push by dentists, the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, and others… In 2011, they persuaded directors of the Santa Clara Valley Water District, the area’s wholesale water provider, to vote 7-0 for the $6.2 million project to retrofit the district’s three drinking-water treatment plants. Large parts of San Jose will now be fluoridated. The article includes a quote  from an anti-fluoride activist among all the usual propaganda. There is no evidence of any recent public consultation.The article includes a map and list of ZIP codes with and without fluoride.

Dec 11

Another report suggests some opposition: …The water district board voted unanimously for fluoridation after hearing a vocal opposition.  “The board has listened and really heard all sides of the issue for many years and have maintained their policy,” said said Marty Grimes of the Santa Clara Valley Water District…


Worcester MA

Dec 16

An informative letter

In your report on anti-fluoridation sentiment in Worcester (“Anti-Fluoridation a Worcester tradition,” Worcester Magazine, Nov. 23), Ray Martin

of the Massachusetts Dental Society, said of the poor, “You can help them the most by preventing decay rather than drilling and filling.” He apparently failed to mention that most dentists in Massachusetts don’t take Medicaid (Mass Health), so they don’t help the poor at all.

In addition, Martin’s Society is opposed to the creation of dental therapists, who can do the basic work of dentists less expensively. It seems that most dentists in Massachusetts don’t want to treat the poor, and don’t want anyone else to treat them. Martin also surely knows that the rate of dental fluorosis, an iatrogenic damage to the teeth caused by adding fluoride to drinking water, now stands at 58 percent of 6-19-year-olds, and that moderate fluorosis of at least two teeth is found in an astonishing 22 percent of youth….


Moncton, NB

Dec 20

More ‘hearsay’ evidence in an article that quotes uncritically the flawed Calgary v Edmonton study.

Dentists in Moncton, N.B., want city councilors to acknowledge a marked increase in tooth decay since they voted to stop adding fluoride…


See pic.

Dec 1

At Monday’s Two Rocks Yanchep Residents Association meeting, Melanie Waldron, who is part of the Yanchep Two Rocks Fluoride Free group, said the December 4 meeting would be at the Local Surf Shed from 10.30am.

She said there needed to be more discussion about water fluoridation and it was wrong that people were not given a choice about “mass medication”.

TRYRA president Peter Wimsett said the matter had been discussed at previous meetings, and once Yanchep was connected to the main municipal water supply, it would have fluoridated water.


New Zealand


Dec 6

 A government view

A new Bill that gives District Health Boards (DHBs) the responsibility of managing the fluoridation of local government water supplies has had its first reading.. …

Dec 7

And a positive approach in a press release from from Fluoride Free NZ, setting out the facts of the US EPA petition and their implications.

The New Zealand Government’s proposal to take away legal responsibility for water fluoridation from local councils and give it to the District Health may be an exxercise in futility…

… Spokesperson for Fluoride Free NZ (FFNZ) Mary Byrne says: “It is backward and reckless for the New Zealand Government to embark on new legislation to further entrench fluoridation and extend it to the other half of New Zealand that has never been fluoridated.”

FFNZ is asking the NZ Health Select Committee members to review the details of the petition and to recommend that the new legislation be shelved. “Fluoridation belongs to a by-gone era and far too much is now known about adverse health effects for any further consideration on fluoridation to be seriously considered.” says Ms. Byrne.

Dec 10

 The position of the NZ Labo(u)r Party in NZ is clear here:

“It’s widely acknowledged by health and dental experts that children with access to fluoridated water experience 40 per cent reduction in dental decay….

From New Zealand Labor Party

Dec 12

And here..

Labour’s Whanau Ora spokesperson Nanaia Mahuta says the Maori Party is confusing people on fluoridation. The party has posted an online poll

Dec 1

A passionate newly elected councilor and her arrogant critics are both given a hearing in this article. There is also a picture of a hand, presumably  Ms Henry’s, holding fluoride tablets. Are these legally obtainable in New Zealand?

A first-time councillor has been criticised for lobbying her elected colleagues and the district health board over her anti-fluoride views. Siggi Henry, a Hamilton City councillor, claims health experts and “smarty pants” scientists have brainwashed the public with misinformation over fluoride, Fairfax says.

In an email seen by the Herald, the long-time anti-fluoride campaigner has urged Waikato District Health Board (DHB) and the council to take up the cause….