The aim of SWIS is to provide information on water fluoridation and connect and support individuals and groups opposing fluoridation in the UK

There are currently no membership fees; and no commitment demanded.. If you have any information on proposals for fluoridation in your region or movements to terminate schemes, or correspondence with authorities or the press that could be made available nationally, please contact us.

SWIS was set up in 1995 to provide an alternative voice for anti-fluoridation campaigners. Today, SWIS is quite independent of any local or national group.  SWIS seeks to maintain professional relations with every organisation with similar aims and hopes to complement their efforts.

A  SWIS facebook page is intended as the main channel of communication between supporters and as a forum for discussions . Please use it. You are also welcome to request additional information  and make direct contact with the English (or Welsh) SWIS office, whether or not you are a member of any other local or national organisation

This new SWIS site was set up in February 2013. ‘Recent news’ summaries and links are updated at frequently, usually at least twice monthly.

In 2016, SWIS and other organisations have joined to form the UK Freedom from Fluoride Alliance. The UKFFFA site will be developed during 2017 to focus on current UK campaigning with links to  SWIS for  international news and archive material from 2014 onwards. Contact details shown are being checked and integrated as part of the new site.  All previous material remains available to SWIS site users.  Use the banner headings above and drop down menus to negotiate the site.

Main sections:

1.. The case against water fluoridation

2. International News updates: a) most recent ; b) previous month: c)older. From January 2017 longer articles and reports are shown as separate documents, accessible from the monthly news ‘updates ‘ page or by drop-down menu from the relevant month. However, for some periods during the previous three years, ‘resources’ may be collected together, and indexed.   The source of all material should be shown by a link at the foot of the item or extract; for some larger or copyright material only a link is shown.  In case of difficulty, please contact SWIS.

3  Campaign Issues. The principles of public consultation; Countering shameful statistics

4. Contact details and links to major groups campaigning  against  fluoridation.

5. Letters and other useful contributions.